View Full Version : anybody have experience with black powder

9 December 2009, 11:47
I realize I most likely on the wrong site for this question but I am doing it for my dad. He has a 1851 Navy black powder pistol and is having hell finding #10 percussion caps for it. Plenty of 11's but no 10's. Does anybody on here know anything about black powder and can anybody help find these?

Optimus Prime
9 December 2009, 12:15
If it calls for #10's, 11's will fall off the nipples. I found some at Gander Mountain a few months ago for my 1858 Remington copy.
Cabela's usually has them too.

9 December 2009, 12:37
we drove all over God's green earth down here trying to find them at Gander, Pro Bass Shops, Academy, etc....we are trying to avoid the shipping fee because they are so expensive to ship you wouldn't want to use them once you got'em. So I guess we just need to catch them when they are in stock. Thanks.
Is there any truth to crimping the 11's on?