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Army Chief
21 December 2009, 08:21
This is something that we've been working with for a while, and in an age where more and more of us are carrying a smartphone or other data device, it only makes sense for the site to offer a RSS feed.

If you're new to the world of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a word of introduction is probably in order. RSS feeds are, as the name implies, simple data exports which can be easily displayed on a variety of mobile devices, e-mail clients and other reader applications. They provide the same basic content that you see on the boards right now, only in a much more streamlined format that is better suited to smaller displays or low-bandwidth connections. Although most news services, blogs and other e-media outlets have long used RSS feeds, they are a relatively new (and still somewhat rare) phenomenon in the realm of firearms-related resources like ours.

If you already have an RSS reader installed on your phone, WiFi-enabled iPod, e-mail client or other data device, all you need to do is "add a new feed" and enter the following data ...


This will show you the most recent posting activity on every thread up to the display maximum, which is currently set at a rather high 30 post default. (The Staff uses this to monitor the boards while on the move, so the current default is well beyond the usual post display limit associated with most RSS feeds.)

Want to view something a bit more reasonable, like 15 or 20 posts? No problem. Just add the "&count=X" statement to the feed address, where X equals the number of posts that you want to see, like this ...


Now, whenever you update your RSS feed, you will see the latest activity on the boards, updated to within the previous 30 minutes or so.

Naturally, there are a couple of limitations on what RSS can do:

- First, the data sent to your device is the same that you would see if you were visiting the site as a Guest, so no user-specific settings will apply.

- Second, you will only be viewing the most recent post in a given thread, so if you want to follow the full progression, you'll need to go back to a computer and use a conventional web browser, just as you're doing now.

Still, as a means of following the discussion more or less as it happens throughout the day, RSS can be a great tool for mobile users who simply haven't got the screen space or bandwidth to view the full site.

The bottom line? If you already have a reader, or a compatible smartphone looking for a new capability, you may want to give WEVO's RSS feed a shot.