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21 December 2009, 20:47
Howdy guys! I'm a newbie to Weapon Evolution, however, not quite a newb to firearms.

Fondled the M16/A2 during Basic Combat Training in 2004, and since have built two ARs. One in 5.56 and now one in 6.8x43mm.

I'm a fanboy of the 6.8 but love the plinking and killability of the 5.56 as well.

Currently working on fine tuning build for #2 6.8SPC with an 18" barrel, haven't decided on the manufacturer yet, really leaning towards Wilson Combat's ER Shaw 4 groove offerings. I think that will be a fair compromise with a mid-length gas system.

After that build is finished, I look forward to building a Noveske SBR Afghan build, TRUE 14.5" build. I'd really like to go 12.5" but 14.5 still gives me the velocity to shoot varmints with the weapon, and eventually can it. Looking hard at the AAC Blackouts for all the weapons, and will eventually have two (6.8 and 5.56).

I was recommended by mvician to come over here for more information and awesome photos. Stick also enticed me with some of his informative posts, and of course, the great Paulo Santos and his plethora of research and opinion of the 6.8x43.

Love the awesome format here, and the atmosphere. Look forward to contributing as much as I can here.


24 December 2009, 05:48
Welcome Brandon. [:)]

24 December 2009, 08:50
Welcome aboard.

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