View Full Version : Question for Stick about a photo

25 December 2009, 15:38

I was looking through you online gallery and saw a picture of what looked like a FDE Rem 870 with a MIAD and a CTR.
Do you recall the setup on that one? It was just what I was looking for. Are those components for the receiver available anywhere? I have the stock and grip just need the other mounting pieces.

31 December 2009, 11:24
That is a weapon that belongs to a friend. You can get the stock parts from Mesa Tactical, as well as a few other makers.


Randall Kepley
1 January 2010, 19:37
Stick, is the finish on the 870 norrells? Whatever it is , it looks pretty good. R.K.

2 January 2010, 10:54
I can't remember what he sprayed it with, it might have been one of the Brownells finishes.