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Urban Tactical Gear
4 January 2010, 13:40
The list of Hybrid Holster makers is a relatively short one. Some of the Holster Industry's top names come to light with a quick Google search, Tucker, Comp-tac, Hoffner's, and Crossbreed are pretty much the top three that have been recommended in the past.

I'd like to introduce you to (clickable image)
http://www.urbantacticalgearreview.com/images/reviewimages/ccc-hybrid/cccholsterslogo.jpg (http://jndtactical.com/index.html)

During a very extensive search for a in the pants holster to fit my glock 19 AND mounted Streamlight TLR-1, I ran across Rob Durham (rob@jndtactical.com). When I first contact Rob he was in the process of moving his shop into the back of one of his local gun shops. This move has enabled him to make holsters for pretty much anything that the shop might carry.

After hammering out all the details of what I was looking for Rob was able to put together a mold for my combination and for future use

Due to the holidays and complications with my local post office having extended holiday hours, I wasn't able to get the holster till 1/4/2010.

The holster is constructed from a thick grade of cowhide leather and .093 thick kydex.

Instead of leaving a waxed backing on the holster Rob has mated a second layer of leather for added comfort. It does not affect the flexibility of the holster.

It doesn't affect the thickness either. This holster is fairly thin.

As pictured below you can see the layers in the lower left. I think I would have liked to see him run a row of stitching In the sculpted track running the entire perimeter of the holster, but we'll see how it holds up in the long run as is.

The Holster is set up for adjustable ride height and/or cant. It has Three holes on each side to adjust the placement of the belt clips.

All of Rob's holsters allow you to tuck your shirt in, further concealing your sidearm. Note the gap between the clip and holster backing.

Something I really thought was a good idea was adding a lip to the bottom side of the holster. Some manufacturers leave this off, depending on the tightness of the holster for retention.

The holster Features a sweat guard. As of right now there is not a "combat cut" like cross breed offers. But I have a feeling it will be an added feature in future holsters. It does not effect the draw, but would be a tad more comfortable on first "grab".

After playing with the cants I finally settled in on the front clip all the way to the top and the rear clip in the middle position. It provides a slight cant, and makes the weapon print ALOT less.

The Following Series are taken at the 3 o'clock position. That is directly on the hip. You'll notice in this position that it "squares off my side". Also note the bulge around the pocket. This position is NOT okay while seated. The grip and sweat guard tends to push into my side in this position while seated.
From the rear in this carry position the weapon is still visible, but not as much

Same carry position while wearing a t-shirt:

And Finally Tucked. Again note the bulge at the pocket:

The next series is my personal favorite. Around 4-430 carry position. In this position there is little to no bulge in the pants, and the grip is pulled tightly against the body.

Position 4 with a t-shirt covering

Position 4 with the shirt tucked in:

The final position I tried out was the small of the back. There is next to no print, no bulge, but was a tad uncomfortable, due to the length, while seated.

SOB with the shirt tucked in:

and finally drawing from the small of the back position:

4 January 2010, 16:49
The list of Hybrid Holster makers is a relatively short one. Some of the Holster Industry's top names come to light with a quick Google search, Tucker, Comp-tac, Hoffner's, and Crossbreed are pretty much the top three that have been recommended in the past.

Not many working both polymers and leather.

Urban Tactical Gear
4 January 2010, 18:22
the thing i liked was his wiliness to try something with a light. comptac and crossbreed both told me that their designs were set in stone and they weren't willing to change how they did things to add a light.

4 January 2010, 20:32
Not many working both polymers and leather.

I had one made by Bluegrass Hybrid, the Ghost. It was well made but didn't work for me.

Urban Tactical Gear
6 January 2010, 16:03
updated with carry positions.

7 January 2010, 10:30
To me personally, I think the belt Clips are HUGE.
But I used your photos in a non-scientific poll here at the shop.
None of the girls noticed you had a gun on, but also none of them are looking for that kind of thing while in public.
Good looking holster and nice execution.
90% of the people wont recognize the fact that you might be carrying a gun even with those clips..


10 January 2010, 18:11
Try also Raven Concealment.

this is what the magpul guys run and I just acquired one for my G19 with TLR-1. Very slick