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12 January 2010, 21:05
Our guys got to evaluate the SCAR series (MK16, 17 and 13) late last year. A lot of them had to be forced to carry them at different phases of ULT like Land Warfare. General consensus is the guys didn't like them. Units arrived with stocks broken from shipping. A buddy even jammed his 17 by having his left thumb in the way of the CH.

A question that keeps popping up is how is the barrel considered "free float"
when the bottom rail is attached to it? If you mounted a grip-pod to it, would you not be exerting minor upwards pressure on the barrel?

Doesn't free float imply that the only area the barrel is in contact with another component (not including the gas block/tube) is the receiver itself?

13 January 2010, 11:27
I saw problems with the SCAR-L awhile back with malfunctions. I've heard that they seem to be love or hate weapons, without much room in between.

I'll point out that my time with the SCAR-L and SCAR-H was not extensive, nor were they new at the point I was using them.

23 January 2010, 09:35
The lower rail attaches to the barrel nut at the rear and to the receiver in the front.

Army Chief
23 January 2010, 11:03
Not that this has any direct relevance, but all of this recent chatter concerning the SCAR-L and ACR has me quietly lamenting the fact that the civil market never got a viable G36K contender. (I'm not considering an SL8 conversion a realiistic aternative here, notwithstanding the fact that there are some truly exceptional -- if costly -- modded examples out there.)


23 January 2010, 19:14
I thoroughly enjoy the G36 and wished it were available here for purchase.

Instead, I may have to do a conversion though I don't care for the receiver being so much longer toward the rear.

Oh well.

Going to play with some MK16's and 17's today and will look into this further.

As long as they maintain exceptional accuracy, who cares if it's free floated or not.