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14 January 2010, 20:49
Anyone that's into ARs knows how expensive weaponlights are. After looking online, I believed I could put together a quality package at a much lower price. Specifically, I wanted a rail-mounted light for AR type weapons with the following features:

- LED (100 Lumens minimum)
- AA Powered
- Lightweight & Compact
- Quality forward-clicky switch with lockout
- Quick & easy attachment to rail
- Dunkable (semi-waterproof)

I'm a bit of a nutter for flashlights so I knew that Fenix is easily the best value in the industry right now. The L1T fits my needs perfectly.

Fenix L1T V2.0 LED Flashlight: (https://www.fenix-store.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_69_50&products_id=334)

- Cree Q2 LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours
- Two digitally-regulated output levels, selected by turning the bezel
- High level: 98 lumens, 1.5 hours (Ni-MH)
- Low level: constant 16 lumens, 15 hours (Ni-MH)
- Operates on one 1.5V AA (Alkaline, Ni-MH, Lithium) battery (not included), inexpensive and widely available
- Dimensions: 9.4cm (L) x 2.1cm (D)
- Weight: 45g (excluding batteries)
- Aircraft-grade aluminum body with durable type-III hard-anodized finish
- Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
- Textured reflector for a flawless beam
- Waterproof to IPX-8 Standards
- Included holster, lanyard, two spare o-rings, and extra rubber switch boot

I like using a single AA because my Aimpoint CompM4 uses the same type of battery. Now I always have a spare.

The digital regulation on the light means it doesn't get dimmer over time. It will remain at constant brightness until the batteries are drained. Afterwards it will still give usable light for many more hours.

It has only 2 modes, selected by turning the bezel. Bright mode is selected by tightening the head all the way down and is very bright with a nice spill. Simply unscrew the bezel 1/4 turn to select low mode, which could be used for navigation or similar tasks. This mode is low enough to preserve night-adjusted vision yet is still plenty for navigation.

The mount was a little tricky. It took me a while to find the SureFire M78:

SureFire M78 Universal Clamp Mount, .8" Ring is using for mounting weaponlights to Picatinny rail. Self-adjusting clamp of SureFire Mount M-78 holds SureFire E2E/ SureFire L4 flashlights and other flashlights with .8" body diameter (http://www.opticsplanet.net/surefire-mount-m78.html)

I spent some time with the combo and liked it a lot ... until it broke.

The M78 mount is very fragile. It's very easy to break the polymer latch, as you can see in the last photo. I bought an M79 at the same time and promptly broke that one as well.

Conclusion: The mount is junk and the light is great.

Fenix light: ~$50
M78 mount: ~$45
Total: $95!!!!

It looks like the Larue mount will work, as long as the rings are not too far apart. I'll try this one next:

LaRue Tactical Inline Flashlight Mount LT-707 (http://stores.homestead.com/Laruetactical/Detail.bok?no=292)

Fenix light: ~$50
Larue mount: ~$90
Total: $140! (still a deal if you ask me)

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking!










15 January 2010, 06:38
Nice review and pics. I have the same Surefire mount with a Surfire light and have had no problems with it, maybe there is a difference in the diameter in the lights, which would put strain on the latch and cause it to break. JMO

15 January 2010, 14:08

You can adjust the mount a little to compensate for different diameters, as you probably know already.

I had it set just fine for the Fenix and when I closed it up again after the photos it just snapped. The M79 did the same thing with a SureFire G2, but at the bottom of the latch instead of the top.

This could easily be solved if they used a different polymer, or aluminum for the latch. It's just too fragile to be on my gun.

19 January 2010, 18:53
I am also a big fan of Fenix lights. I really like that Surefire mount but not the part where it breaks...twice! If that was available in an all metal version I would try it! Nice review!

19 January 2010, 19:00
Thank you. I really like the LT1. The clicky switch is as good as it gets and I have come to prefer having only 2 modes.

19 January 2010, 23:22
I am a Fenix Dealer and I run a PD20 on my rifle.

Dos Cylindros
20 January 2010, 08:06
Good review, I don't follow weaponlights much and until this review have only considered sure fire for my weapons. Do the Fenix lights stand up to real world abuse? Are the lumen and run time ratings true to manufactuer spec? I may very well consider going with this LED light on my recent AR build when I switch out from the MOE handgaurd to a rail.