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19 January 2010, 18:02

When I tell this story ppl look at me like I'm from Mars...Even I find it hard to believe. Here's the much shortened version

Bought Rem 870 Tact from Cabellas new in box- at the 6 mth mark the piece of metal just fwd the ejector spring rivet broke off (I found it in the gun case). Sent it to some place called Alhmans, got it back (allegedly repaired) and it jammed 5 times in 2 boxes of ammo. I called Rem again- sent it to them this time with letter saying "I don't want it back" To Remington's credit they sent me a new 870 Tact.

The second, new, shotgun at the range 4 or 5 times (got the replacement in Oct.) Saturday, the trigger jammed. Popped out the trig assembly...Guess what I found...THE SAME BROKEN BIT of metal from the ejector (again, the whole bit fwd the ejec. rivet broke off)

Stunned- I'm sending my SECOND 870 off to Rem after having the same frikkin piece break...WTF

I'm done- Gonna sell it

After reading about issues with Moss 930 Tact - what do you think about FH SLP mods??? Any other advice, recommendations??

I'll never buy another remington- ever

20 January 2010, 07:47
Damn. You have bad luck. We have Benelli shotguns at work and they have been great so far, but then again, so were the Remington's.

When you call up Remington, I'd let them know what is going on as it may be a known issue. It could be something simple as a bad batch of parts.

20 January 2010, 08:27
I completely agree with selling it, you should be able to get decent money for it. I use 870s at work and they've been good to us, but everything has the potential to have problems.

As for other options I personally own a Benelli Supernova Tactical and for an out of the box gun it had everything I wanted and has performed perfectly I wish I could comment more about it but it's a shotgun, as long as it feeds, shoots and extracts and has good accuracy and spread with the ammo I'm using that's about all I care about.

21 January 2010, 12:20
Are you pulling the action mechanism towards before you pull the trigger? I remember reading this exact issue on another forum and that was the the hypothesis. Something about the added pressure and the recoil. I guess it helps rack the action faster. I don't remember which site at the moment, I'll have to google around a little.

22 January 2010, 05:55
Yeah we use the Rem. Border Patrol model @ work with no problems. Hopefully just a bad batch of parts. Sorry you went through that brother....

12 February 2010, 13:29
WOW, sorry to hear this, my Remington 870 sitting in my company car is 40 yrs old and still ticking away. The only modifications were the safety and a few inner parts.

12 February 2010, 15:37
3d, buddy where did you go? I've owned several 870's with nary an issue. Now I read where there were a few issues with the express models but most of those were rectified by some polishing/deburring of parts.

There just has to be something else to this story.