View Full Version : Magpul Gen2 PRS

15 December 2007, 22:27
I guess this would be a question for Stickman. Is the rubber buttplate on the Gen2 PRS going to be available to us Gen 1 owners as a retro fit? E-mailed Magpul but no rerturn. Thought someone hear may have heard something. Don't really want to buy another stock just to get a buttpad.

16 December 2007, 09:42
I think the pad should be available as a retrofit, but I'll look at my PRS I and PRS II versions and see if there are any mods that would need to be done. I don't recall my gen I versions having any holes for bolting it into place, but there are certainly ways around that.



16 December 2007, 23:31
Thanks . A drill/tap maybe.