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Urban Tactical Gear
3 March 2010, 17:06
One of the most popular models of "camp stoves" is the JetBoil. This packable stove has been adopted by civilian preppers, camper, and the military alike. Digging through your pack to find your cook stove isn't very efficient however. This is where OriginalSOEgear comes in.

The OSOE Jetboil Pouch pouch originally started as a custom order piece. Over the last few years it has become a very popular item for OSOE. As I finally picked up a jetboil for my GHB/BOB/back packing pack, it was quickly deteremined that I should try one of these out.


The jetboil pouch is 8.5 tall by 5 inches wide. It features john's famous dual closure system. Your Level 1 retention comes from an one inch fastex buckle with the level two retention from a heft tab of hook and loop.

The Jetboil pouch features pals webbing on either side for any additional pouches you might need to attach to it.

It has 3 channels for attaching the pouch via malice clips on the back. This is great because it gives you a little bit of play, depending on where you want to put it on your pack. For example, I have this attached to my Raid Pack toward the flap; enough to the point to where half of one of the outter channels is hanging off the pack.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

The attention to detail on OSOE's work never ceases to amaze me. Every seam on this pouch is edged with webbing.

Even the internal pockets are edged.

The Pouch features two internal pockets that run the length of the pouch. These pockets can be used to hold your eating utencils. I currently use a light my fire spork (http://www.lightmyfire.com/230-147-spork.htm), which only takes up one slot. As pictured, it also has a grommet drain hole in the bottom. Not an overly bad addition to a pouch designed for a cooking set that holds water.

The main body of the pouch does not fully encompass the jetboil system. This is not a problem however, as the more than ample hood does a perfect job of doing just that.


As you are no doubt aware, 1000d cordura is water resistent, and with the hood closed, I don't see the Jetboil being affected by any of the elements. Short of you crushing it, the Jetboil is completely protected.

This pouch has freed up much needed internal space in my pack. And will for sure see a great deal of use this season.

3 March 2010, 19:04
I used the hell out of my Jetboil in Nigeria. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the heads up on the pouch!

Optimus Prime
3 March 2010, 19:13
Would there be any potential heat issues? I wonder if a nomex lining or the sort like in suppressor pouches wouldn't be a nice feature for a stove pouch. (I'm not too familiar with the Jetboils though)

3 March 2010, 23:18
Not a bad idea.

The Jetboils have a neoprene like outer skin and the rest is made of aluminum. After heating up meals/water whatever, mine always seemed to cool down pretty fast.

Urban Tactical Gear
4 March 2010, 01:11
i got mine used. it came with a measuring cup that goes over the bottom of the system when your packing it up. so once it cools down enough i tend to just put that on as i'm packing it up. i've not experienced any problems yet. there again, i've not been in a situation where i have to pack it up and go. i'll pass that along though.

4 March 2010, 06:11
I love my jetboil i use a TAD Gear round pocket for mine , and i have never had a heat issue tossing it in after use .

9 March 2010, 16:15
That looks pretty good. I use a Max 1L pouch.