View Full Version : Magpul Glock Magazine Speedplates

3 March 2010, 19:41
Does anyone have any experience with these? Pros/cons, etc.? Thanks!

103m 95g
4 March 2010, 02:40
I usually wear 5.11 pants and carry a spare G19 W/Magpul plate on the bottom in the small pocket above the cargo pocket on the off side. The "Speedplate" really helps in removing the mag from that pocket.
Also I have one on the bottom of a G26 mag and it acts as a pinky extention to the grip of the 26.
I want to get a few more but it seems they are out of stock where I normally order from.

6 March 2010, 10:13
I have recently started using one on a spare mag I keep in my pocket while working. I work undercover so I have to keep my spare mag hidden, but accessible. The speedplate makes it easier to retrieve from my pocket.

I carry a Glock 27 and use Glock 22 mags for reloads. When I add the speedplate the mag is long enough where the speedplate is just inside the top seam of my pocket while wearing jeans.

9 March 2010, 18:00
Do they only come in 9mm and .40? Any word if they will come out with any for the .45?

9 March 2010, 19:13
As far as I know they only come in 9mm/40, and I had a little trouble finding those in stock anywhere. I did finally find a place that had about 50 in stock.

10 March 2010, 02:33
They are definitely tough to find, and I wouldn't hold my breath on them ever coming out in .45/10mm.

I keep finding them in stock here or there but it's always with companies that want to charge me an amount equal to the cost of the product in shipping and never have anything else that I'd want.