View Full Version : Safariland 3285, tell me about it.

7 March 2010, 14:38
Any of you who have a habbit of wearing more gear than is good for ones back have any commentary on the 3285 pictured below? I was strongly considering the 6004 with the -10 leg shroud but the 3285 also piqued my interest.



7 March 2010, 20:23
I saw this holster at the SPECWAR show in Fayetteville a little over a year ago and it definitely piqued my interest. I've always liked Safariland over the Serpas and just over our 08 deployment learned to NOT wear leg shrouds. I wore a Safariland ALS mid drop with my P226 and it cleared my plate carrier and gear. Also freed up my legs and made me feel faster.

I believe Opticsplanet had a good deal on them.