View Full Version : ATF/NFA Branch Rules Change?

Specialized Armament
9 March 2010, 09:09
For over 15 years, my licensing documents, SOT included, have been issued with a separate mailing and premises address. Recently, the NFA Branch returned a number of transfer documents to me with a letter explaining that my PO Box could not be used in the "Transferor" block. I must use my premises address. I do not receive mail at my premises address for security purposes.

Has anyone else run into a similar situation? I am trying to find out if they are applying this rule across the board or if this is one "those" situations and I need to log a call and ask some polite questions.


9 March 2010, 17:41

I do not hold a FFL, but the FFL guy I go through for transfers has a premises address listing his place of business and a PO Box for his mailing address on the license. Not sure if that helps.