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11 March 2010, 11:05
Just received a Yugo M70AB2T underfolder from Classic Arms, and I wanted to give you guys a quick initial impression. I have not fired the gun yet, so I cannot vouch for accuracy or how well it runs.

First off, let me make you guys aware of something I did not realize before I ordered my gun. I cannot tell you how much time I spent looking at various websites and reading forums about AK's before I broke down and made the purchase, and I sorta feel like I got snaked here a little. The AB2T model from Classic Arms DOES NOT have the 1.6mm receiver that regular AB2's have. Their website does not state this, so unless you automatically know the difference in the T model, you don't know what you are getting. Also, the photo that accompanies the gun on their website CLEARLY shows a regular AB2 receiver, not the slabside AB2T that I got. I sit here and wonder how I did not find this info online until well after I had made my purchase, but please be aware of this if you are ordering this gun from Classic Arms. From what I understand, the thicker receiver was only necessary for launching grenades, which I will be doing none of (obviously) so it isn't that big a deal, but I have to admit the thicker receiver was one of the features that helped me drop the extra money over a Romy WASR. But it does leave one to wonder, if you are going to build the gun on the thinner receiver, not built for grenade launching, why include the grenade sight gas block? Oh well.

No canting of the sights, at least if there is, it is so minimal as to be no issue, at least just to eyeball it. Very happy there. The representative I spoke with at Classic when I ordered the gun said that they check for that before shipping, so I would have to give them a positive review from that perspective.

I have noticed some of the Yugo underfolders online have a different finish than WASR's, a lighter color. This one has a pretty dark finish to match the black plastic furniture, and the overall fit and finish of the gun is much better than I expected. Better than one I handled in a local gun shop. There is one kind of nasty scratch on the very top of the receiver, but nothing I can't live with. Also, a lot of the pics online make the furniture on this gun look cheap. It looks much better than I expected. I originally thought I might swap it out to wood furniture, but I might reconsider. I am quite happy with the appearance of the gun.

It came with a Tapco G2 trigger. To dry fire it, this trigger feels downright sweet. I think I prefer it over the 2-stage triggers on my AR's, but of course I need to put some live rounds through it to confirm that. If I like it as much as I think I will, I might swap my AR's out to single stage triggers too.

Now my only real gripe about my purchase. When I ordered the gun, I asked the nice lady on the phone if I could somehow swap out the tapco magazines for some metal ones, and she said no problem, and no extra charge. I was happy. Until the gun showed up with the tapco mags and no metal mags. Being that I didn't pay extra or anything, I guess it isn't a serious complaint, but I just typically steer clear of anything with tapco's name on it (aside from this trigger which has serious potential) and I really, really wanted metal mags. Now, if Magpul started making AK mags, I wouldn't hesitate. But now I have to order some metal ones from someplace else. Bah.

Overall, I give the whole experience a B, based off my expectation of a 1.6mm receiver and metal mags. But to judge the gun simply on its own merits, I am very happy with the purchase. If Henderson Defense has them in-stock, I would probably lean towards buying from them because it is only $15 more and you get metal mags, a sling, a cleaning kit, and they state that theirs are the 1.6mm receivers. No sling or cleaning kit came with mine. That is well worth 15 bones. But they did not have them in-stock, and I am overall happy with Classic Arms and would recommend them for your business.

11 March 2010, 23:47
I remember when Dutch and myself were buying AK mags for a buck or so a piece. Prices have jumped back up on them from what I can see.

Post up some pictures when you get a chance, those of us who are visual people will appreciate it. :P

I think we will see some interesting changes coming up in the AK market in the next year or two. We have slowly been moving into a more AR/ M4 like market with the AK.

12 March 2010, 16:40
could you point me in the right direction as to what kind of mags I should look for? what are the best AK mags on the market? And where can I get them?

12 March 2010, 23:37
Call Jim Fuller at Rifle Dynamics.....he is the Yoda of AK's. What ever you need, he'll hook it up, the right way!

13 March 2010, 08:40
could you point me in the right direction as to what kind of mags I should look for? what are the best AK mags on the market? And where can I get them?

I prefer Bulgarian Circle 10 waffle mags. Kinda the Pmag for the AK...

13 March 2010, 09:10
I use surplus metal mags. they work great and are alot cheaper. keep an eye out on cope's dist. and aim surplus.

24 March 2010, 09:45
I prefer Bulgarian Circle 10 waffle mags. Kinda the Pmag for the AK...

Good mag.

24 March 2010, 11:31
I don't remember what countries mags we got when Stick and I ordered though I should go check the garbage bags (many) full we have stashed aside.
Some were ribbed from my AK's pleasure and some weren't but I figured with as many as we got we would figure it out.

Good luck and enjoy your new rifle, I really enjoy shooting ine when the time and ammo is available.