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25 December 2007, 16:14
After reading Patrick Sweeney's review and having a need for a small carry gun in the summer, I'm as sold as you can be on the Walther PPS without actually seeing one.

Anyone here actually seen one in the flesh or know where one's at (not the First Edition)?

9 February 2008, 14:37
I made it over to the Walther booth. Their PPS display was grand in style, they had approximately an dozen PPS out. I handled several versions and was impressed with the compactness of the pistol. The grip angle wasn't to bad, control functions were easy to reach and the overall finish was typical Walther product-very nice.

Being a single stack pistol, I can see how easy it is to carry conceal. My boss at work wants one and he hasn't even see one. I saw the 9MM version but did not see the 40. I noted the slide looked a little like their Walther P99 model. I was told Walther is producing approximately 400 PPS a month and demand for the pistol is high.

I hope to shoot the PPS soon.

30 March 2008, 19:50

Walther PPS 9mm

26 October 2009, 11:07
Not sure if this is still a question or not, but I have had my PPS .40 for about 6 months now, and I love it.

As for quality, it's a Walther, so if you are a fan of Walthers, or even if you aren't you will be pleased.

My father has a PPK/S, so I was expecting the bite that slide used to give me growing up. Needless to say, I was quite happy when I realized that the days of bloody hands and a Walther are long gone. It fits like a glove with the small back strap, though if you are wanting the "feel" of a full size handgun, the larger back strap should give you just that. With the bigger back strap in, i get the feel of a full size 1911, perfect if you are a person with meaty paws.

The recoil, even in the .40 cal. is surprisingly light, especially given the size and weight. I would compare it to a Glock 23, little worse than a full size, but not nearly as bad as the Glock 27 it replaced. The accuracy is what you would expect for a Walther, and given the 3.2 inches of barrel, far surpassed my expectations. With a solid stance I can get sub 3" groups at 25 yards, closer to 2 with a bench rest. Now that might not sound great, but for a gun that can sit in a pair of shorts with no bulge, I'm not going to complain.

I would estimate I have put between 2 and 3000 rounds down range using this little gem, and haven't had a single malfunction that I can mark up to the pistol. I had had a couple of stovepipes, but these were from hand loads, and as much as I try, I'm not perfect, so I'm blaming the reloading, and some of theose come from my learning curve days. With factory ammo, I haven't seen a bit of trouble.

Speaking of Ammo, while it eats anything I through at it, it does seem to like Winchester better than some others. My best groups have consistently been with the 180 gr Winclean, or my duty round, the 180 gr Ranger.

All in all this has been a great choice for me as a back up and off duty carry. I use an Uncle Mikes #4 pocket holster, works like a charm, breaks up the profile nicely, and is a smooth and fast draw. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easily concealable reliable carry gun

26 October 2009, 13:19
Thanks for the update, what is the rd capacity of the 40?

26 October 2009, 17:55
Oops, figured I would miss something.

They are available in 5,6, and 7 round mags. The 5 round fits flush, the 6 gives about half a finger, and the 7 gives a full finger extension. With the large back strap and 7 rounder, it really does feel like a full size hand gun.

26 October 2009, 18:39
I was seriously considering one until I saw the magazine capacity and that was the deal breaker for me. My current off-duty is a Kahr P9 and I want to replace it due to the mag capacity, which is about 7 rounds. A Glock 30 (sub-compact .45 ACP) holds 10 rounds and is still compact enough to wear on the ankle.


27 October 2009, 03:26
Oh, I completely understand.

But here in NC, unless it's Dec-Feb., I'm wearing shorts, so no ankle holster for me. And frankly, I never really got used to them, the weight imbalance just drives me crazy.

I decided on the PPS simply because it's a .40, it fits in my pocket, and weighs next to nothing. Again, JMHO. [:D]

On a side note, I do see that Desantis has started making a nemesis cargo pocket holster for the PPS now. So, with my 5.11 shorts and a Nemesis, I'd have roughly 21+1 rounds at my disposal. Not bad, not bad at all.