View Full Version : spikes 37mm 2gen. standalone launcher question

17 March 2010, 08:00
I just bought a spike's 37mm 2nd gen. standalone launcher but it did not come with the stock. Does anyone know what kind of stocks will bolt up? I'm sure spike will sell the stock at a high price. I saw a few pics where people had mounted different stocks on it. Thanks

17 March 2010, 11:35
What makes you think they will sell it at a high price? Was it supposed to come with a stock when you bought it?

I haven't seen their new version, so I can't give much guidance on what will or won't adapt to it.

19 March 2010, 05:56
Just talked to Spike, gen. 2 stock is no longer available. They came out with something new to the gen 2. Time to go into the work shop......

19 March 2010, 10:26
Make sure you take pictures and show us what you come up with. :P