View Full Version : G30 w/ Taclight

29 April 2010, 10:01
So a good buddy of mine with the local PD just got a screaming deal on a G30. However, he doesn't have an IWB holster for it yet. I have both a holster and a light rail on my own G30. So I was thinking I'd sell him my comp-tac and just purchase a light and a light compatible holster for myself.

My conundrum is: I was thinking of going with another Streamlight as mine has worked well for me but I was curious if there was anyone with a photo of how the fit of a G30 with TLR3 would be as my current TLR1 protrudes past the barrel a bit.


(PS) Psss...Stick...work your magic.

29 April 2010, 23:25
I've got a G30 but no TLR3 'else I'd help you out. I think any light currently available is going to stick out past your barrel....but I might be wrong.