View Full Version : First range trip with my M&P 9mm

6 May 2010, 14:16

100 rounds of PMC Bronze 115 grain FMJ
10 yards
5, 20 rounds magazines at a nice pace

Started dead center, then went some left side and then some head shots. I'm certainly no marksman but I'm happy with my results. No issues at all with the pistol. I love it and I haven't even added any of the Apex bits that I have yet. First time shooting since last January 2009 before I deployed. PMC Bronze was on sale today for 9 bucks per 50 rounds. Not too shabby. Needless to say I will be going back for many more trips with this pistol. Love it. :D

6 May 2010, 18:28
I have had several failures to eject with my M&P 9c. Glad that yours is off to a good start.

17 May 2010, 08:52
Great pistol. I have had mine (M&P 9mm fullsize) for a little over a year with no issues. I put the APEX hard sear and firing pin stop in it. That helped the trigger pull a little, it wasn't that bad from the factory though. I replaced the sights with a tritium front sight and a 10-8 rear sight and love the way it points now.
Aside from it being extremely reliable/durable, it is probably the most comfortable pistol I have ever shot. Accuracy is also very good from these pistols.