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6 May 2010, 22:40
Anybody ever bought anything from Voodoo Tactical before? Anything that I purchase will be pared with a Tactical Tailor MAV, but I don't want to put a bunch of crappy gear on a good product. Will these pouches withstand some abuse?

7 May 2010, 07:00
I just picked up one of their weapon cases, haven't put it through any rigorous testing, but it seems to be solidly made. That being said, I have no idea what their mag pouches and other kit are like. I also own a TT MAV, carried it through two deployments, and it's still a rugged as the day I bought it, albeit faded. So unless you're considering Voodoo Tactical due to price, I would just get the pouches from Tactical Tailor. I also recommend T.A.G. (Tactical Assault Gear) products, those also held up really well. Cheers

7 May 2010, 13:23
i've bought a thing or two . a shotgun scabbard and something else, don't remember. i rate their stuff somewhere in the middle. it's not the top of the line, but it's far from the bottom. they did had fast service .

7 May 2010, 17:28
you can buy it from Cheaper Than Dirt, if that tells you anything....yes, I know there are a couple of reputable manufacturers that sell stuff through them, but in general, the only stuff I would buy from their website/circular is ammo.

7 May 2010, 18:07
Thanks for the replys fellas. Yes you are correct in that the price is my only reason for considering Voodoo Tactical. I know they aren't near TT, but they're also about half the price. Anyone that saw my other post knows I'm with CAP and so dealing with Search and Rescue, not combat. That makes a difference since noise discipline isn't a concern and if it breaks down it doesn't mean 7 guys lives on the line. I may check the stuff out but like you said, I'll stick with TT as budget allows.

8 May 2010, 10:23
Voodoo is pretty much on par with Condor. It may be cheaper than TT, Eagle, etc, but you get what you pay for. I have had several friends buy VT weapon cases and slings and after a year or so they tell me the same thing, stitching, holes, and just general disappointment. However if you're just getting a simple bag to hold your cleaning solvents, brushes, etc for the range then I guess you could save some money there. But if you're still looking to save money and get a quality product could always look to buy a used (good condition) item from a reputable manufacturer.

8 May 2010, 10:45
Yeah I definitely don't have a problem buying used gear, the problem is finding just the right pouches for a decent price. Any suggestions on where to find that stuff? I've checked ebay but its usually the same price as buying it new.

8 May 2010, 20:21
Ive gota few things from Voodoo,namely the modular chest rigs and pouches.The materials and most of the stitching is decent.But they will need repairs if used hard.
Myself I buy the stuff on sale or closeout and use it as a base to modify to what I want.(mainly used by the teenage nephews as they tend to ruin everything they touch)That includes a complete go over on the sewing machines.
The modular chest rigs are a decent layout but need additional straps added to side to keep the pouches from drooping.They also need a QR buckle and strap added to the front.The mag pouches are good but need better stitching.
Other than that,I only buy Eagle/SKD,Blue Force Ten Speed or TT pouches and rigs for extreme and long term durability.

9 May 2010, 12:57
Right - I've seen a lot of VoodooTac stuff used for airsoft, and it holds up for that, but it clearly wouldn't survive daily use over months - for the price it's very good stuff, but if time is on your side, finding deals on Eagle, Paraclete, TacticalTailor, BlueForceGear, and DBT stuff (new and used) is usually the way to go. The closeouts and used options can be really impressive.

11 May 2010, 04:24
I have a Voodoo 36 in soft case & have had no problems with it , I especially like the backpack straps . http://i39.tinypic.com/2rw6pab.jpg