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30 June 2007, 23:47
Noveske N4 Light Carbine

14.5" Cold Hammer Forged Barrel, 1 in 7" twist, 5.56mm
--Made of Mil Spec M249 Machine Gun barrel steel, with heavy M249 Chrome Lining,
(appx. 2 times as thick as an M4 or M16)
--Extended Feed Ramps
--Mil Spec Phosphate finish
--Same weight as M4 barrel, 1 lb, 9 oz, but improved contour for maximum
rigidity, no M203 notch
--MP HP tested with certification
--Carbine length gas system
--Flash suppressor available permanently installed for non-NFA use (standard option), or removable on SBR and select fire models (call in all NFA weapon orders).
--MP tested bolt
--Properly staked carrier key
--Auto carrier
--Mil-Spec receiver extension
--Vltor Carbine buttstock
--Tango Down pistol grip
--One 30 rd mag included

Basic Configuration
--Flat-top upper receiver
--Standard M4 type handguards
--Fixed front sight base
--Flip-up rear sight
--6 lbs, 3 oz
$1395 MSRP

Low-Profile Configuration
--Flat-top upper receiver
--10" free floated handguard w/ 1913 rails
--Low-profile gas block pinned to barrel
--Flip-up front and rear sights
--6 lbs 12 oz
$1895 MSRP

30 June 2007, 23:50
Here is a quick picture of the model we are taking a look at. We will be doing an in depth review, as well as a full pictorial guide of the Noveske N4 Light Carbine coming up shortly. You can see from the picture that we've thrown an Eotech 553 on it, as well as a magazine with a ranger plate. Aside from that, the weapon comes as seen.


13 July 2007, 10:26

20 September 2007, 19:46

Link to Noveske N4 Light Carbine Review.