View Full Version : PWS FSC30 Flash Supressing Comp for 6.8 and .308

16 January 2008, 10:57
PWS FSC30 Flash Supressing Comp for 6.8 and .308

PWS has followed up with the FSC30 - the big brother to the FSC556 - the only true flash suppressing compensator on the market.

This product, as is the FSC556, is a compensator first - with enough flash suppression to keep the flash out of your optics/night vision/line of sight/etc.

This is not a flash hider and as such is classified by the BATFE as a non-flash suppressing device, so it is legal in all states.



NOTE- While this is a section reserved for company product release info, I think its worth mentioning that the 5.56 version of this unit has worked impressively for me.