View Full Version : Aero Precision / Surplus Ammo Color Anodized sets

1 June 2010, 18:17
Surplus ammo in Lakewood, WA is now offering colored anodized upper/lower sets. They should be ready for sale in a matter of weeks. Please don't call Aero Precision about these, because it is something that Surplus is offering and selling. So, direct your inquiries there... as far as I know they are offering Olive, Tan, and what appeared to be a graphite-looking finish. I believe they are going to offer this on Aero Precision sets and Surplus Ammo sets.

Very high quality, and I believe Andy said it will only add $20 to the price, but don't quote me because I'm not the one actually selling them. I think you can get them individually, but a greater discount is given for buying an upper/lower set. Here's some pics of the olive finish. I've done my best to adjust the coloring to best represent the finish of the product. In comparison to a Magpul OD magazine, the finish on this is a little bit lighter.






8 June 2010, 23:14
The dark grey/graphite color is called "earth." I'm not really sure where that name actually came from. It's something that API came up with. I don't think we're (I work there for Surplus Ammy & Arms) doing the tan ones, but will be doing the brown. They should be in soon. I'm thinking in a week or two. I need to build a new lower for the 6.8 upper I just bought and I think I might go with one of these. I'm also hoping that eventually API will be offering their COP uppers in matching colors. I really like the olive green as it's not too drab like most is. It's a bit lighter and brighter. Might be a good contrast with foliage furniture on it.