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12 June 2010, 16:19
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This is my review of the TA33G-H ACOG (Green Horseshoe Reticle.).

RANGE: 0-600 Yards
IDEAL RANGE: 25-300 Yards.

The TA33G-H is ideal for:
1. LE Perimeter Rifle.
2. Military Rifle.
3. Hunting Rifle.
4. SHTF Rifle.

The TA33G-H is not ideal for:
1. CQB/Entry Rifle.
2. Precision/SPR Rifle.

Magnification: 3.0
Objective Size: 30.0
Bullet Drop Compensator: Yes
Length (in): 6.10
Weight (oz): 11.64 w/mount
Illumination source: Fiber Optics & Tritium
Reticle Pattern: Horseshoe
Day Reticle Color: Green
Night Reticle Color: Green
Calibration: 0.223 (M855 w/100 METER zero)
Bindon Aiming Concept: Yes
Eye Relief (in): 1.90
Exit Pupil (mm): 10.00
Field of View (): 3.70
Field of View @ 100yrds (ft): 19.30
Adjustment @ 100 yds (clicks/in): 1/4 MOA
Tube Size: N/A
Mount: TA60
Mount On/Comes With: TA60
Housing Material: Forged Aluminum

1. Price:
I paid $800 with the TA60 Mount. An Aimpoint M4/M4s costs approximately $750 with a mount. And the Aimpoint 3xMagnifier costs $500-600.

2. Eye Relief:
The eye relief is listed at 1.9", but it is very forgiving. It almost feels like a 2xAimpoint. I've checked from 1"-5" of eye relief and I was still able to see the reticle. This is great for those odd shooting positions.

3. Reticle:
I've been a fan of the Horseshoe type reticles ever since I started shooting EOTechs. This feels like I'm shooting an EOTech with a green reticle. The center dot is 2MOA, which still allows me to shoot MOA. The Green color is very easy to pick up, even against green targets such as grass and trees. The only time I wouldn't recommend the green reticle is if you plan on using a NV Device. The BDC reticle is calibrated using the M855 ammo zeroed at 100 METERS. For shooting man sized targets, the BDC will work with most .223 ammo if you zero the center dot at 100 YARDS.

4. BAC:
The BAC works very well and it is very fast. When I had the TA31DOC, I noticed a POI shift at close range, which is pretty common. With the TA33, I haven't noticed any POI shift at all.

5. Weight:
The TA33G-H ACOG weighs 11.64oz with the TA60 mount. Here are some comparisons:
TA11: 14oz w/o mount.
TA31: 9.9oz w/o mount.
EOTech XPS: 11.2oz.
EOTech 552: 11.5oz.
Aimpoint M2/M3: 7.1oz w/o mount.
Aimpoint M4/M4s: 9.3oz w/o mount. 11.8oz w/mount.
Aimpoint 3xMagnifier: 7.1oz w/o mount.

1. CQB:
Even though the TA33G-H is very fast, especially after you get used to the BAC Concept, it just isn't as fast as an Aimpoint or EOTech. So for pure CQB Work, I'd stick with an Aimpoint or EOTech.

2. Reticle Washout:
While the reticle illumination is perfect for outside or in a well lit room, it just isn't bright enough in a dark room or in a dark room aiming into a bright room. This is a know issue with the ACOG's. For LE use, I'd just transition to a handgun if ever in that type of situation.

I've had my TA33G-H ACOG for a couple of months now and have shot right around 1K rounds through it. For the price, durability, weight, and daytime visible reticle, it is hard to beat the TA33G-H.

12 June 2010, 16:29