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Urban Tactical Gear
20 June 2010, 13:20
After doing some serious thinking, I thought I had decided not to doing any writing on run of the mill pistol pouches and would try to keep the standard stuff off the page. While you may see just a standard pistol magazine pouch, the Specter Gear (http://www.spectergear.com/) surprised me with the quality construction and little details on their triple magazine pouch (http://www.spectergear.com/p_ump_3.htm)

A couple weeks back I reached out to Specter Gear's customer service (mailto:info@spectergear.com?subject=Product Inquiry - UrbanTacticalGearReview.com referral), via email. I have been on their update email list for quite a while now, and recently had seen a lot of activity from them. The content of the email revovled around three pouches, and asked specific build questions. The primary answer I was looking for was in response to my wanting to know if they used printed multi-cam or acu webbing for products available in "patterned" colors, or dye lot matched cordura; on their lids, edge tape, and pull tabs.

As you can tell in the above picture the answer to that question is that they do in fact create their own lids out of dye lot matched cordura. The webbing pull tabs are foliage.


The hook and loop, as well as the elastic on the sides of each magazine slot are coyote brown in color.

This pouch looks to be a labor intensive build. I say this because it's constructed from two different panels, a front (which houses the magazine slots) and a rear. While This pouch is not lined with edge tape, it's a little to thick for that, it does have an ample amount of stitching holding it all together. There is only one other company, that I've seen, that has this much stitching holding their stuff together. The first picture shows two arrows indicating the top of each panel. The second shows a detailed picture showing the sewing first holding the elastic on the front panel and then the two panels sewn together


The attachment points are sewn onto the rear panel. At this point I should point out that this pouch takes up a 4 wide by 4 tall pals grid. As you see Specter Gear (http://www.spectergear.com/) uses what appears to be a tradtional Molle strap to mount their products with. However, unlike several other brands, Specter Gear (http://www.spectergear.com/) does not sewn their molle straps to the product. They are, in fact, removable. This allows you to use malice clips, blackhawk speed strips or maxpedition tac ties if you so choose.


As with the front panel the rear panel has plenty of stitching holding the pals grid in place. The first picture shows the edge and the second in between each column.

The Lids to the magazine slots are another hidden gem. They are removeable. The inside of each slot is lined with loop material, and the bottom of each flap has a 1 inch tab of hook material sewn onto it.

This makes the lids adjustable for whatever pistol magazine you are carrying. (note. these will not enclose a g18 33 round magazine). Shown are two of the most common, a Glock 19 15 round 9mm magazine and a 1911 8 round magazine with bumper pad.

The construction of this pouch, and the other two I just recieved astonishes me. From the initial fit and finish of this pouch, and the others, I am going to make take a leap here and label them as a Tier 1 manufacturer. If that statement confuses you, try this one. I have a feeling it's going to be BOMBPROOF. After having ordered several products from various OTHER companies and not recieving a mounting system with their products and having to order malice clips and encurring a second shipping charge, the Molle straps Specter Gear (http://www.spectergear.com/) ships their products with is a welcome change. This is a welcome addition to my second line, and now has a home on the left side of my chest rig.

13 August 2010, 02:37
I have a feeling it's going to be BOMBPROOF.

They Are!!! I have my primary and secondary SWAT vests both set-up in Specter Gear pouches and after 6 plus years they have held up unbelievably well! My pouches, including the same 3 pistol mag pouch you reviewed, still look almost new with very little maintenance other than keeping them clean with a wet wash cloth every now and then. I cannot speak highly enough of their products. They most certainly are good to go!