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2 September 2010, 10:28
A full review will be coming soon, but I wanted to get up some initial thoughts regarding the Battle Comps from Battle Comp Enterprises, LLC (http://www.battlecomp.com/). I'll keep adding to this post as we do more work with the Battle Comp.

The Battle Comp arrived sealed in plastic, and with a crush washer which was also sealed in plastic. Sealing things individually is a nice touch, especially for the guys who want an absolutely perfect finish and don't want things rubbing or slapping together while getting shipped.

After slicing open the plastic, I did a careful examination of the finish and machine work. When I'm shooting pictures I've found that what looks good to the naked eye often looks like my GSDs chew toy in pictures. I was surprised to find the machining was flawless, and the finish was as even as anything I've seen. Not that fit and finish is the end all be all, but it inspires a bit more confidence when everything looks dialed in right out of the box. Even in pictures this is flawless, as you can see in the below image.

Installation of the Battle Comp was simplistic. I unscrewed the A2 that was on my BCM midlength light weight upper, and screwed the Battle Comp on with its new crush washer. The thread pitch had no excess play or slop, and everything snugged up nicely.

I'll follow up with first thoughts from actually shooting it in a little bit.


2 September 2010, 10:33
Here is a quick GIF that I put together after shooting at 10FPS.


14 September 2010, 19:14

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