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16 September 2010, 08:54
As you may know, SKD recently debuted our PIG (Patrol Incident Gear) Plate Carrier. I had the opportunaity to take it along on a recent training event, and I thoroughly plan on doing so until I can't. What follows is an overview of what training was conducted and my opinions of how the PIG PC performed.

My unit conducted an EBCR LFX (Enter a building, Clear room), and a Squad LFX where we set up a base of fire with our 240B's, set up a Local support (M249's and M203's) and assaulted a building complex. This last one required quite a bit of movement, and unfortunately IMT-ing. We also conducted the other types of training that you would expect from a Light Infantry unit including several ruck marches and forced marches.


The Pirate Eye patch is crucial to scare the enemy. I had a large ESAPI plate once again, I don't know why the Army always gives me a Large plate but they do. As you can see the PIG sits very high up, when I first tried on the PIG, I felt unprotected. Then I realized how dumb I was being because I was wearing MY plate. I did have to Adjust the C-bun after inserting the plates, but only slightly..... more to follow on that.


The Previous three shots are just prior to one of my ruck marches. I wore the USGI Molle Ruck (I know, but my Kifaur isn't ACU and our new Col is big on ACU). One truly phenomenal benefit to the PIG PC is it's perfect ability to allow the use of the Kidney belt the way it was intended. You can see how high up I was able to wear my ruck. Normally when wearing body armor a ruck march is an exercise in pain. Not the case..... I'm not saying I loved every minute of it, just that I was relatively comfortable given a full ruck, plates, and the usual "suck" of road marching. I was wearing a CamelBak ArmorBak and I had to have my buddy help my ruck lay flat on it, after that it was relatively smooth sailing. This was probably the most comfortable I have been on a road march since 2003 when I was given my first set of plates. The high Ride of the PIG PC really helped with distributing the weight to my hips via the Rucks Kidney belt.
That scope is the New LWTWS (Light Weight thermal Weapon Sight / PAS 13). It is the new Double A model and the weight was barely noticeable from the weight of my Eotech. A vast improvement over the weight, poor clarity, and the the awkward battery of it's older brother.

Behind my PIG is my buddies IOTV in size medium, considering that it has plates a whole size smaller, the IOTV is shockingly bigger when we laid the two next to each other.


You can see how closely cut the PIG is, allowing pretty complete freedom of Movement (you are still wearing armor after all). After I put the plates in I had to play around with the C-bun. I didn't discover my "sweet spot" for adjusting it until I was 2 miles into a ruck march. This caused for some "love handle chaffing" from the Malice Clips on my Esstac UTE Pouches. I thought about mounting the malice clips upside down but eventually figured out where I needed the C-bun tightened to prevent chaffing and C-bun sag.
Those are our new issue tents in the background.... actually I have had it for over a year but was never forced to use it so it sat in my locker. Why carry another heavy piece of kit when a Bivy works pretty well? (Except in downpours and you just make a poncho hooch for that). By the way the Tents are awesome when you aren't tactical.


Who wants to take all their pouches off to adjust the C-bun? Not me, I'm lazy. Just yank the C-bun over enough to get your grubby hand in the pass through area. It's a tough squeeze, but If you remove 1-2 pouches on the rear of the opposite side you have enough play (without stretching anything) to make all the adjustments you need. I did this several times until I found my personal sweet spot for support and comfort.

There is no spoon. Hey man, you never know when you'll get a chance to eat. This pic is taken after about 12 days straight in the Armor. The only Adjustment I made after returning home was removing the ITW Fastmag on the right side. I'm a rightie and having three Fastmags in a row beat up my trigger hand. I have two Esstac shingles there (with the KyWi), and on the left (primary Draw) are my two Fastmags. I carry 8 mags in total plus one on the Gun.
My full loadout is : (From rear left all the way around) Mini EOD UTE Pouch (- Small Cleaning Kit, Gerber, BFA, Oil, NVG's), 2 mags, MBITR, Extra MBITR Batt, 6 Mags, Cut Down VS-17 Panel and Signal Mirror (kangaroo pouch), Esstac Small Ute Pouch (now my BFG Trauma Kit now instead), Esstac Nalgene Pouch and Finally the CamelBak Armorbak.
I know the MBITR seems like a strange spot, but this allows me to adjust freqs, change Krypto, and extend and fold my Antennae without a buddy. When I keep it further back the Antenna gets in my way (either stuck under my Arm, caught in the sling, or messes with my Ruck).

A partial Pic of my Squad in the Shoothouse. I am no longer wearing my gay pirate eye patch, but "Hey, it adds Character!!". I'm second from the left all comfy in my PIG PC. The other guys are either wearing Medium or Large OTV's.

All said and done I hate the PIG PC...... Just kidding, it's amazing. Honestly its the MOST versatile and comfortable PC I have ever worn. Just about every member of my unit tried it on and loved it. It's comfortable, compact, allows freedom of movement, let me use my kidding belt when Rucking, The padded shoulders are a definite plus. Not to mention that the PIG PC looks badass and with me having really, really ridiculously good looking hair Al Qaeda just doesn't stand a chance.


16 September 2010, 09:30
Good info and breakdown. Thanks for posting it.

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Great writeup!

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