View Full Version : Eagle Plate Carrier in Ranger Green...Good Camo?

19 September 2010, 23:55
I have a Ranger Green Eagle Plate Carrier that I purchased at a great price. However, my question is regarding to the color. How well does Ranger Green work in camouflaging a person? Also, I much rather have Multicam but since the equipment will stay locked up most of the time, should I sell what I have plus all of the mag pouches and pick one up in Multicam? Or is the Ranger Green effective?

Army Chief
20 September 2010, 03:44
Ranger Green is, for the most part, fine. The modern obsession for designer camouflage seems to overlook the fact that earth tones have traditionally served hunters and soldiers of all kinds well for hundreds upon hundreds of years. I'm not suggesting that camouflage hasn't progressed (substantially) over the past generation or two, but neither would I feel badly about kitting out in Ranger Green; in fact, I have a ballistic vest in RG myself.

Keep in mind that you can always modify your gear with a bit of paint, if necessary, so the options here are pretty open. More to the point, RG blends into most environments well enough that it will be your movement -- not the color of your equipment -- that draws the human eye to you. MultiCam is an appealing product, no doubt, but I suspect that for many it is more fashion statement than practical go-to-war kit. Too many would-be warriors are out there assembling flashy MC rigs with which they will never train, never become proficient, and never even take out of the closet unless it is to provide a backdrop for gun photos. Taking these people seriously is something of a challenge for me.

It is easy to overthink all of this with so many options/vendors on the market these days, but I would respectfully submit that this is probably much ado about nothing. For basic range work, training and most conceivable deployment scenarios, I probably prefer the more conservative choice of Ranger Green. The less attention I draw with my gear, the better.


20 September 2010, 05:58
run multicam pouches and you should be good to go.

20 September 2010, 17:08
If that fits your environment, you're absolutely fine. In the arid areas I'm at, Coyote fits, as does Crye; but my wife's Ranger Green and OD mixed gear works very well over civilian attire.

With an LE or Civilian application in mind, RG seems completely reasonable to keep using. As A_C stated, whatever draws the least attention is likely the most effective way to blend in for any environment.

22 September 2010, 07:18
I like Ranger green, a lot. Half my pouches on my old rig are ranger green and the rest are Coyote. It makes a cool look from far away. It also breaks it up naturally having the two colors mixed. Don't worry about color as much as function.

"Very pretty, General. Very pretty. But, can they fight? " Pinkley - The Dirty Dozen


22 September 2010, 10:09
Ranger Green works well in a variety of environments, though it obviously wouldn't be my first choice for southern Iraq. Taking a base color, and then breaking up primary color with off colored pouches is a good way of doing things, and is how we tend to paint weapons (using secondary colors over a primary).

I think that all too often we get wrapped up about camo while we are sitting looking at something in our hands, which is completely rational as that is how we look at most things. However, when we take an item and move it back and give it the 10 or 25 yard test, we get a much more honest assessment.

23 September 2010, 07:51
I did see a pic of someone using an RG plate carrier and Coyote or Khaki mag pouches and that seemed to work. Anyway, I appreciate everyone's response. Thanks.