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28 September 2010, 16:42
I recently received a Mega Arms Tactical Trigger and after getting some additional time with it, a review will be added.

• Single stage trigger with adjustments to minimize over-travel and trigger ‘creep’.

• Made from billet 8620 alloy steel then case hardened to 60Rc with a core hardness of 38Rc.

• Features a widened leading edge for comfort, and an appealing structural appearance.

• Mega Tactical Trigger yields an average 41/2 lb. pull with mill-spec. components.

• Finished in Black or thin density chrome.

• Furnished with precise installation instructions.

• 1.2 oz.

• MTT-801B (Black) M.S.R.P. $91

• MTT-801S (Chrome) M.S.R.P. $103


7 October 2010, 02:41
Mega is one of the local WA machine shops that has diversified and gone into the business of turning out firearms components, primarily with a product line geared toward the AR15 market. My own collection includes a Mega lower and upper and I've been impressed with the clean machine work on these parts.

The Mega Arms Tactical Trigger is a new item for Mega. The trigger arrived nestled in foam padding along with a CD that contains the instructions in a PDF file.


Also included with the trigger is a proprietary trigger spring and hex wrench for the adjustment screws.


Instead of the standard trigger spring with two legs, this one is a single leg version, which reduces the spring pressure and trigger pull weight. The trigger itself is finished in a uniform black matte with no tooling marks and with a smooth and clean surface to engage the hammer notch. Set screws for take-up and over-travel are on the right side of the trigger.


Installation is quick and simple, but should only be done by those who are comfortable with such things. The set screws were secured in place with Loctite 222MS, per the instructions. Since the kit only includes the trigger and trigger spring, existing FCG components are used; in this case a Stag kit. All contact surfaces received an application of Brownells Action Lube Plus grease during assembly. The lower used was an Aero Precision.

The resulting trigger pull was lighter, with less take-up and a distinct reset. However, there was substantial grittiness felt through the short duration of the trigger pull. This isn't uncommon in a GI type trigger, but still disappointing. Obviously this is only a sample of one and it's possible that different hammer and trigger combinations will yield better results. Since Mega can't control what other parts are used in conjunction with their trigger, it would be nice to see Mega produce a matching hammer. This would give them control over the critical contact surfaces on the hammer and trigger that have a lot to do with the smoothness of final trigger pull.

Prior to hitting the range, I dry fired the trigger about 500 times to see if it would smooth out, but it really didn't change much if at all. Reliability with various .223 loads was 100%. I had a brain fart and failed to bring any 5.56 loads with harder mil spec primers, but will be sure some is included in the next session. When running the trigger at speed, the grittiness wasn't noticed nearly as much.

Overall, I'm not that excited over this particular trigger for my uses. I'm leery of the modified trigger spring, since pressure is applied only from one side. The shape of the trigger does not allow for a standard trigger spring to be substituted. Even though the set screws are secured with thread locker, there is still the potential for them to work out and migrate into the trigger assembly and lock it up. I'll continue with testing and see what happens.

7 October 2010, 03:08
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12 October 2010, 21:58
A bit of an update. After well over a thousand cycles on the trigger without it improving, I pulled the hammer that I had been using with it. I went through three available hammers that I had on hand and picked the one that gave the cleanest trigger pull of the lot, which happened to be one I appropriated from a Stag lower parts kit. The final result was a marked improvement on what I had initially experienced. The trigger pull had minimal creep, was smooth and quick to reset. I don't have a trigger gauge, but I would guess that this one ran about 4.5 - 5.0 lbs. About six different factory loads have been used, now to include some M193 and M855 and there are no problems to report.

This has just reinforced my wish that Mega would include a matched hammer with the trigger, which should bring out the full potential of the product.