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1 October 2010, 15:36
I'm new here WE and was guided over by John Hwang From Rainier Arms. I got to meet John and his staff at their shop today and I must say, it's a real nice shop and professional staff.

I am a .mil guy with over 19 years in as an 11 series. Stationed in many different places over the years with. After so many years of seeing equipment and guns that really were sub-standard I began trying to help friends work on building or buying quality kit.

Now I have begun to take that info and try to push it out by doing my own independent reviews on guns, gear and training that is meant to be used by today's professionals. Right now it is all kept on my blog http://op4guy.blogspot.com/ as well as publish it on several different forums and intend to do some here as well. If you have something you are interested in, contact me and I will do my best to get it done.

Thanks again to John and his staff at Rainier Arms, I look forward to being here.


30 October 2010, 10:13
I missed your post earlier, welcome to WEVO. It sounds like you have credible real world information, please share it however you are comfortable, especially when new guys are asking questions and looking for help. The internet is filled with a lot of people who have good intentions, but are posting bogus info, which ends up misleading those who are asking legit questions.

26 December 2010, 09:14
greetings, happy holidays.

26 December 2010, 10:33
Welcome and thank you for your service.

26 December 2010, 12:10
Great blog, welcome to WEVO. I hope you find it a good home for your reviews. Your experience is definitely valued as well as your service.