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10 November 2010, 19:28
Hey there, I'm new here. Hope all of you tactical gear Jedi can give me some info regarding this stuff.

I am looking for a nice heavy duty backpack and tactical drop leg pouch. Mainly for everyday use and outdoor. And during those times, I want to put things like wallet, phones, pocket knife and flashlight, a fenix Ta21.

So I need you guys to suggest me the good ones. Shoot me with every bullet you have guys!

Thanks in advance.

12 November 2010, 15:58
check out Tactical Tailor, Maxpedition, Blackhawk, Eagle....I am considering a backpack from Camelbak even. You could get a ton of different answers on what manufacturers are best, and I know most of the guys on here who are current or ex LE/Mil will know of many more lesser-known but high quality makes. I like a lot of the bags at Larue's website, although I think they contract out for their bags. You could spend days looking up this kind of stuff on the net. My best advice though would be use the old "buy once, cry once" mentality and avoid the junk in Cheaper Than Dirt or at your local gun shows.

13 November 2010, 09:35
A daypack and an E&E type pouch might make the most sense for you for that. Daypacks - there are tons and tons of great ones, you'll have to look at features out there and then narrow down choices.
E&E pouch should have enough space for the items you've listed without adding a lot of extra bulk, though larger setups would also be a possibility.

The knockoff stuff like Condor, OETech, and CTD stuff can work if you're using it less than a week a year, but if you think it might see use, then pull from the list of top end stuff (Eagle, Paraclete, Maxpedition, TT, OSOE, SOT, DBT, BFG, Spectre, LBT, etc.)

17 November 2010, 07:49
How much volume are you looking for? The items you mention could fit in an admin pouch that can be attached to the MOLLE on a CAMELBAK or Hydration carrier. Feel free to PM and I'll help as much as I can.