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12 November 2010, 15:10
I thought this article might interest our LEO Staff and WeVo members in law enforcement, who serve on Departments with Airborne Operations.

http://http://www.eurocopterusa.com/customer_support/CustomerSupportNewsletters/2010/CSNL_10_V1_I10.pdf (http://www.eurocopterusa.com/customer_support/CustomerSupportNewsletters/2010/CSNL_10_V1_I10.pdf)


12 November 2010, 15:45
Interesting...unfortunately, our Department has two helicopters sitting in a hanger wrapped in plastic because after they were purchased, the County Council refused to further fund the program. I hope this economy turns around soon.

12 November 2010, 16:25
That's too bad they're just sitting there.......

Do you know what make & model they are?

14 November 2010, 08:42
Our OPD-Oakland Police counter parts decommissioned their helos because of budget, a sadly missed tool. Back in the day some of our cops got to work with LASO and did some helo platform shooting during the 1984 Olympics in LA.

14 November 2010, 09:41
I recently attended a Eurocopter AS350 course with LAPD and Texas DPS aviation officers.....both a good group of guys.

During breaks the classroom chatter quickly turned from helicopters to weapons. [:D]

26 March 2011, 19:54