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26 November 2010, 17:27
http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM Intro.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:28
To complete the MOE Stock Sling Swivel Modification, an Uncle Mike’s QD sling swivel kit PN: 1403-3 and an Outdoor Connection detachable swivel kit PN: BO-5 were purchased.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 1.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:29
A few of the tools required to complete the modification:

- Angle Drill Adapter
- #21 Drill Bit
- Small File
- Red Loctite 271

From the Uncle Mike’s swivel kit PN: 1403-3:

- 1 EA 1-¼” Quick Detach Sling Swivel

From the Outdoor Connection detachable swivel kit PN: BO-5:

- Machine Screw Swivel Base
- 1 EA Black Spacer
- Knurled Nut

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 2.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:32
To accept the knurled nut, the rear sling slot of the Magpul MOE stock was opened slightly with a file.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 3.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:33
The slot was opened enough to allow the nut to spin freely once the modification was complete.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 4.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:34
The stock was measured to determine the length necessary to cut down the Machine Screw Swivel Base. The screw was cut to .5” to allow sufficient material for final finishing to fit.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 5.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:36
A 10-32 nut was run down the screw, then the screw inserted to the correct depth for trimming. The nut allows for chasing of the threads after the screw is cut, and allows for a truer filing and finishing of the cut portion of the screw shank.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 6.JPG

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 7.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:37
The trimmed and finished Machine Screw Swivel Base was de-greased with Brake Cleaner, then coated with an application of G96 Cold Blue.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 8.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:38
The position on the MOE Stock where the sling swivel would be mounted, was center punched for accurate drilling and to keep the drill bit from wondering.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 9.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:39
The stock adjustment latch was taped in the collapsed position, to allow for drilling of the stock. A #21 sized hole drilled into the stock, was the perfect size for the 10-32 Machine Screw Swivel Base.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 10.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:41
The drilled hole was then de-burred inside and out.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 11.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:42
Machine Screw Swivel Base trimmed and ready for installation.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 12.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:44
Final trimmed and finished Machine Screw Swivel Base.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 13.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:45
Loctite 271 (Red) would probably suffice to securely hold the Machine Screw Swivel Base Knurled Nut, but putting more trust in a mechanical self-locking feature verses a chemical self-locking feature, I opted to use my staking tool to add the additional security of a mechanical “self locking” feature to the Knurled Nut.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 14.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:46
Loctite 271 (Red) applied the Machine Screw Swivel Base threads.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 15.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:47
The Knurled Nut was then placed into position within the MOE Stock sling slot, followed by one Black Spacer slid down onto the Machine Screw Swivel Base. The Knurled Nut was then held secure with the use of Vice Grips, while the Machine Screw Swivel Base was tightened utilizing a taper pin punch.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 16.JPG

26 November 2010, 17:48
The completed MAGPUL MOE Stock Sling Swivel Mod, ready for re-installation on the receiver extension, and installation of the sling.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/MSSSM 17.JPG