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17 December 2010, 15:35
Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a silencer soon and I came across the AAC Cyclone. It's within my price range and the reviews on it are great, but I have one question. I know I can put it on my 5.56 16" AR, but will I also be able to put it on my Remington 700 .25-06?

Jerry R
17 December 2010, 18:10
Just a quick check on the AAC web site - Cyclone appears to be a thirty caliber suppressor. Any caliber smaller than that should work with it. Caliber specific suppressors may be more efficient, but as long as you don't get a baffle strike it is safe and will provide some level of sound suppression. Just be sure to have your barrel threaded by a gunsmith that knows suppressors and can get it on straight.

17 December 2010, 19:05
On the AAC web site it shows the sound reduction of the Cyclone at 30-33dB. If I put the Cyclone on a 5.56 would the sound suppression still be at 30-33dB?

20 December 2010, 09:46
It will be a few dB louder on a 5.56 rifle.

I can't recommend a thread on silencer for your application, you would be much better saving a little more and getting a QD silencer.

The QD mounts can be had in a bunch of different threads, you will need a thread adapter or rethreading your 5.56 to 5/8-24.
Also the QD mount can be installed on sporter weight bolt gun barrels that are too thin for the threads of the thread on silencer.

21 December 2010, 11:46
Which AAC QD silencer would you recommend? I've decided to buy a .308 barrel for my Thompson Center Encore, so instead of a .25-06, the silencer will be going on a .308 and 5.56.

21 December 2010, 12:21
The 762-SD is AAC's QD .308 silencer. They have a new one coming out soon that's a little shorter and designed for 7.62 SBR's, it's also a bit more expensive.

21 December 2010, 20:04
Okay, I'll probably go with the 762-SD then. I'm probably going to order it from West Coast Armory since they have the 762-SD listed at $795. Does anyone have anything good to say about them or should I consider buying it somewhere else?