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27 December 2010, 18:41
Black Widow Armament (http://www.blackwidowarms.com/index.html)


The NoMar Plate is an improvised receiver end plate for the AR15/M16 rifles. Our product is made from SAE 1008 cold rolled steel and is coated per mil spec 16232M (Manganese) and 16232Z (Zinc). We back our products 100% from any defect. ISO Certified Manufacturer.

The NoMar Plate incorporates a new design feature that differs from previous improvised end plates. It utilizes two tabs that give extra protection to the receiver of the weapon. (Previous end plates allowed the connection point from the sling to the rifle to rub on the receiver when in use causing damage.) Its ambidextrous design not only allows any shooter, regardless of dominant hand, to utilize it once installed, but also allows both 1 and 1 1/4" web straps and caribiner sling attachments to be used. The forward assist device is clear and usable by military standards.


I had the opportunity to review the Black Widow Armament NoMar end plate. Initially I was wondering what the two additional tabs on the inside of the plate were for. After a little bit of examination I realized that the tabs were actually what prevents the sling's clip from "marring" up the lower receiver...hence the name, "NoMar".

Installation of the NoMar plate was a breeze as long as you have the proper tools to do the job. All I needed for the installation was a stock wrench. Since I will probably be testing out different end plates I opted not to "stake" the end plate to the castle nut. Though I highly recommend staking the end plate when you use your rifle for duty use or home/personal defense.




During the review of the end plate I was able to try out different slings with a variety of attachment clips. With the exception of a QD sling attachment, I don't believe that there would be a sling that would not work with this end plate.

The only improvement that I can think of at this time is if BWA would produce the end plate in a black anodized finish. I for one do not care about the physical appearance of my rifle, only the functionality of it. However some would appreciate their furniture and accessories matching as best as possible.

27 December 2010, 18:44
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6 January 2011, 16:46
I received an email from the Owner of Black Widow Armament, Eric Isaac, today. He informed me that the manganese finish NoMar plate is not the standard, the Black Oxide version is. The manganese finish models were for samples only and were not intended to be sold in that finish. I was also sent an image of what the Black Oxide model looks like, which is attached below. I believe that there is also a possibility of an additional finish being released, but I do not want to speak out of turn.

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