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2 January 2011, 10:48
Remington Breacher:


Safety Harbor 7.5" on an 870 receiver:


Safety Harbor 7" on a Mossberg:


Serbu Super Shorty 9.750" on an 870:


Serbu Super Shorty 6.5" on a Mossberg:


I really, really like the Remington Breacher, the grip felt the best out of them all, probably because I don't care for finger grooves.

I don't really need one of these, but since they are now available here and they aren't too expensive I was toying around with the idea of buying one and putting a light on it - think bedside shotgun.

Also, if I ever find myself roaming the wastelands searching for gasoline like Mad Max, one of these would be perfect to carry underneath my duster.

Any of you folk have one of these? I've never heard of Safety Harbor or Serbu until I walked into the place, and I don't think I want a forward grip which is another reason why I want the factory Remington.

Would it be ridiculous to keep 00 buck in one of these as a home defense weapon?

I read that slugs can be bad in these little guys, here's an interesting PDF that I found:


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2 January 2011, 11:25
My co-worker brought his to the range last qual. They are painful to shoot even with 00-Buck. They make a great HD weapon though.

2 January 2011, 11:34
Also, if I ever find myself roaming the wastelands searching for gasoline like Mad Max, one of these would be perfect to carry underneath my duster.

I like how you think. ;)

While I've never shot a short shotgun, I have shot an old stockless maverick. Tame is certainly not the adjective I'd use to describe it. Between only two points of contact and the 12ga recoil being absorbed solely by your wrists, it was (at best) uncomfortable and slightly unwieldy. It was manageable, and you could make it work, but it was certainly not something I'd want for a primary weapon.

Unless you intend to have the receiver closer to your face than you normally would with a stock (probably a bad plan), I would recommend a stock.

2 January 2011, 12:05
I've shot a pistol grip Mossy before and it was a little shocking to the wrist but there are some new low recoil buckshot loads that would probably help remedy that.

I already own an Express Tactical so I've got a shotgun with a stock but I have always wanted an SBS, right now I can buy one locally and pay a whopping $5 transfer tax.

2 January 2011, 12:10
Here's another one that they got from Denny's:


Wondering Beard
2 January 2011, 15:28
What makes those shotguns so hard to shoot isn't the recoil so much as it is the grips.

A "bird's head" grip, like the one on the pic above or on the early "witsec" 870s, make the gun just about pleasant to shoot, even one handed. My experience with a friend's SBS was one of great fun, even when it was loaded with 00 buck. Follow up shots weren't too difficult and another friend even managed to break skeets with it (it was a 9 inch or thereabouts barrel).

A properly designed grip limits the transfer of the recoil energy to the hand and arm (not as much when shooting one handed) and moves it downwards; think of the Bisley grips put on SAAs with calibers more powerful than 44 magnum. With the support hand strongly holding and pushing on the slide (as Rob Haught teaches in his push-pull system), the recoil is really quite manageable even while holding the gun up to eye level.

Edited to add: interesting tidbit: shooting one of those one handed turns the gun into a sort of semi auto as the slide unlocks, feeds a round and returns to battery.

2 January 2011, 16:02
That is interesting.

I better buy one for each hand then.

2 January 2011, 16:57
That is interesting.

I better buy one for each hand then.

Make sure to post a video of that ;)

2 January 2011, 19:26
I wish, but I'm only picking up one.

I wonder if one of these will work, not sure how this attaches:


I guess I could look at my 870 but I am lazy.

Wondering Beard
3 January 2011, 09:32
That is interesting.

I better buy one for each hand then.

Just remember that after shooting a magazine full (3-4 rounds) one handed, your elbow will NOT be thanking you [BD]

3 January 2011, 12:23
Do this: http://www.google.com/images?q=kac%20masterkey

3 January 2011, 17:58
I used one for my door breaching class. I think they called it a Remington ninja (Basically a three shot 870 with pistol grip and breacher barrel). It was a ton more scary to look at than shoot. I ended up having a blast knocking out those BTI doors for a week. I wish I could own one personally.


14 May 2011, 07:28
Reminds me of Miami Vice, Tubbs shotgun for some stupid reason. The SBR shotgun would be a great "back-off" tool.