View Full Version : Centurion Arms C4 Rail - First Look

10 January 2011, 00:15
Centurion Arms has released its C4 rail in its production form, and we were able to grab a few to check out.

I'll start by saying these rails have a level of machining that I rarely see. The edges are rounded, and you can tell that the metal was tumbled nicely in media, but it is without the dents that often occurs in rails that are lacing in sharp edges. Granted, what I see under a macro view of the camera lens has little to do with actual function, but it shows a level of quality that is well received.

Rails include the typical 7" carbine, 9" midlength, 10" and 12" for rifle and extended rail users. All rails are a two piece design that clamps securely around a stock barrel nut. These rails are the usual material, and usual hard coat anodizing in keeping with the upper end manufacturers. I've found the anodizing work to be even, and inside and out of the rail to be very clean. KAC rail panel cutouts are present. The Centurion Arms C4 rail comes with anti-rotation tabs on each side to work as a mechanical block, and prevent any movement of the rail. I found these to be snug and fit well to the receiver.

I installed the rail quickly on a midlength that was already built with a bare barrel nut, had this not been available, I would have simply cut the Delta ring cover off with a dremel and pulled the spring off. The handguard cap would have met the same fate. Total time to install the 6 screws and fasten the rail was around 2 minutes, if even that.

We'll review this rail series in more depth in a little bit, but while this was fresh in my mind, I wanted to get the information out there. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll answer whatever I can.