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21 January 2011, 04:34
Diamondhead (http://www.diamondhead-usa.com) is showing their "Integrated Sighting System" flip up sights for AR platforms here at the 2011 SHOT show. I had heard of their iron sights a few months back, but this was my first "hands-on" experience with them.

Front sight...


Rear sight...


In the few minutes I had to play with the sighting system I found that it uses a similar concept to the proven HK method of using your eye's natural ability to line up two circles and put the sight post on target. The Diamondhead design uses a diamond shape to achieve the same effect with an added benefit of more easily centering the sight post by the two naturally intersecting lines that occur when visualizing the four points of the rear sight's diamond aperture.

You'll notice too that the rear sight has both a large and small aperture. The rear sight can be folded flat no matter which aperture is selected unlike many other rear flip up sights.

Diamonhead also offers an “Auto-Ranger” front sight that has five different settings from a tall 0-200 meter out to a short 600 meter front sight post. The idea is that a shooter uses the height of the front sight to measure the perceived height of a man sized target (based on a 6 foot tall person). If the sight post appears as tall as the target you’ve selected the correct post. That post height is then already set to compensate for the bullet drop of your average 5.56 round. Simply aim at center mass and squeeze off your round.

Auto Ranger front sight at 600m setting…


We hope to test these new sights in the near future and post a more complete review.

25 January 2011, 19:02
The guys at Diamondhead provided me with this image of the shooter's sight picture...


27 January 2011, 19:20

Video by mil-spec monkey crew