View Full Version : ITW Military Products Customer Service

24 January 2011, 12:44
I have a ITW FastMag on my patrol duty belt and the rubber band broke today. Needless to say, the equipment on my belt takes a beating and when the rubber band broke, I wasn't too surprised. I called their 1-800 number on their webpage and immediately spoke to a human...no automation to select through. The nice lady on the other end didn't ask any questions and said that she would mail me a few replacement bands. Their customer service alone will keep me shopping with them and I appreciate it greatly, especially in a time like today where customer service is almost non-existent. Thank you ITW!

24 January 2011, 16:28
Customer service can't be over rated. Its sad that once a company gets huge and goes public that they can be more about money than the service or product they deliver. I'm happy to be a supporter of ITW and your post will serve to reinforce that, thanks for sharing.

24 January 2011, 22:54
Good feedback on ITW. It's been my experience that overall, the firearms and related industries have been more customer service oriented than many other industries. Of course I'm amazed some companies are still in business.