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1 February 2011, 17:46
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6 February 2011, 20:57
The ZORM flashlight mount made entirely in the USA by Elzetta Design LLC of Lexington, Kentucky, is manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard coat Mil-Spec Type III anodized finish. Utilizing the included sizing adapters which can be tailor cut to fit, the mount accepts most popular brands of tactical flashlights with body outer diameters ranging from 0.70 to 1.10 inches.

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6 February 2011, 20:59
Two (2) threaded holes in the upper half of the rail clamp give the operator provisions for the installation of Elzettaís ZPR118 Rail Kit which adds a Picatinny Rail mounting option to the ZORM. A stainless steel /rubber cushioned clamp secures the operatorís light in place with the tension being adjustable by means of a 7/64th inch drive socket head screw and washer combination.

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6 February 2011, 21:01
Designed to attach onto Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rails, the light mount is secured to the operatorís hand guards by a single castellated thumb-nut which is captivated to prevent loss when completely backed off or unthreaded. Measured at approximately 1.36 inches wide, the ZORM occupies only 4 slots of Picatinny rail.

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6 February 2011, 21:06
One feature which stood out to me when compared to other tactical light mounts, was the means of securing the light mountís thumb-nut. Elzetta includes two (2) stainless steel cotter pins which can be utilized to secure the castellated thumb-nut, preventing loosening of the mount and the possibility of the shooter loosing his weapon light during operations.

There are two acceptable methods when installing cotter pins into castellated nuts. The first (preferred) method being the most common, has one leg of the cotter pin bent up and back over the top of the bolt the nut is threaded to. The second leg is bent down over the flat of the nut. With this method of cotter pin installation it is easy for the exposed legs of the cotter pin to snag on objects, to include the operator.

The second method of cotter pin installation would be a more acceptable alternative for this type of application. With the (alternate) method of installation, the cotter pin is trimmed to a length allowing the legs to be bent to the side and inserted into the adjacent castellations of the nut. This prevents the sharp edges of the cotter pin legs from possibly snagging or causing injury to the shooter. (See Figure 1)

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Another option for securing the thumb-nut against loosening, is through the use of stainless steel safety wire.
(See Elzetta ZROC Review: http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?2984-Review-Elzetta-ZROC-Tactical-Offset-Flashlight-Mount)

The option on the ZORM of additional light security through cotter pins or safety wire could be beneficial to military operators who often find themselves securing accessories to their weapons with plastic zip-ties or 550 cord.

6 February 2011, 21:07
I can find no fault with the overall finish of the Elzetta ZORM, with the machining, fit and interaction of parts being smooth and tight. Upon first inspection, itís quite obvious that Elzetta put much attention to detail and thought into all aspects of this tactical light mount, from the light mount design itself, to the enclosed hardware and sizing adapters and even in the well written and illustrated install instructions.

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7 February 2011, 18:09
For more details on the Elzetta ZORM Tactical Flashlight Mount, please visit Elzetta’s website at:


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