View Full Version : DD vs BCM 11.5"

3 February 2011, 18:29
Ok guys I'm new here and need some help deciding on what barrel assembly to get...

I was sold on DD because theirs are hammer forged but then BCM introduced their own hammer forged barrel.

So all other things being equal which should I go for???

3 February 2011, 18:42
Which ever one has the most features you want at the best price - and is in stock when you order. Nothing to be ashamed of with either.

3 February 2011, 19:28
I;m a DD fan I have one of their uppers. Both of them are teir 1 choices

4 February 2011, 05:15
I'd buy the one that is:
In stock
less expensive

Alternately, the one that is assembled into an upper in the configuration you want.

Also, if you want a full "lightweight" profile only DD makes that (besides Colt, of course, which aren't CHF)

4 February 2011, 08:26
Will the DD LW profiled barrels handle carbine classes without issue? Has anybody abused one? I'm just curious if there are drawbacks to going with that profiles vs. your normal barrel.

Thanks and sorry for the hijack!

4 February 2011, 23:39
They'll both handle a carbine class as long as the user stays out of the equation (lube, maintenance, stupid user tricks).

Same profile differences as any - though an 11.5" with a can will still exhibit more 'droop' when mounting a can and then heating up the barrel a lot, and even without a can it gets hot faster (cools down at a faster rate too). Same as any other barrel, but 11.5" is also a great length upper to use as a suppressor host.

I would agree that it comes down to which one you can turn into the complete upper you want at the best cost - the difference will probably be within the shipping cost from the total # of places you're buying stuff from, so obviously either will do. Centurion is probably right in the same price range too.

Break out a spreadsheet, and decide on final cost, and what's in stock.

5 February 2011, 08:01
Bear in mind that an 11.5" govt. profile barrel is only thicker than the 11.5" lighweight profile for ~2.5". The area under the handguard is approximately the same diameter on both.

I've been shooting Colt .625" diameter barrels almost exclusively for nearly 6 years and have had zero issues with accuracy or durability. People get worried about silly things like whether the barrel will handle full-auto suppressed fire in a Battle of Wanat scenario when the reality is they are not going to Wanat, don't own FA, don't own a can, and will never fire that volume.

5 February 2011, 08:33
I completely agree with Rob. You can always re-profile the barrel anyway. ADCO did some testing with a WOA SS and he beat the crap out of it, shooting full-auto and suppressed and it went over 15K rounds without any loss in accuracy.

5 February 2011, 08:40
Thanks for that info, Rob. I recently bought a Daniel Defense upper with the 16" LW midlength barrel and have to admit those unlikely scenarios you pointed out did haunt me. Glad to hear you've had excellent results with pencil barrels.

5 February 2011, 15:28
With the current prices of manufactured ammunition, it would cost nearly as much in ammo as the barrel is worth in mag dump after mag dump to kill it, so the unreasonable-ness of that situation isn't lost. Just don't expect match accuracy once it's hot.

5 March 2011, 15:12
I have no opinion.


7 March 2011, 12:04
I recently snagged a lightly used upper with a BCM ss410 1/8 in 11.5 and while fairly new to shorter barrels, I couldn't be happier.

No experience with short DD barrels, but judging by the rest of their line, GTG.

25 March 2011, 15:02
What does CHF mean Rob?


Wondering Beard
25 March 2011, 16:13
Not Rob, but it stands for Cold hammer Forged.