View Full Version : Streamlight TLR-1 Glock Rail Key and 1913 Rail

7 March 2011, 06:51
The Glock (Universal) rail key that comes with the Streamlight is the same height as the 1913 rail key, only it's slightly thinner, meaning that when using the Glock key on a 1913 rail, if the light isn't tightened down it can move forward and backward a bit within the slot. Is there any problem with using this combination, just as long as the light is pushed all the way forward in the 1913 rail slot before tightening? The reason I ask is because I want the ability to switch the light between a Glock and an 870 without having to take it apart to swap the rail key every time.

7 March 2011, 11:30
As long as it locks in, I don't see an issue.

8 March 2011, 14:04
I've used that on my ARs, shotguns, and Glocks. Just shove it forward and tighten.

9 March 2011, 00:06
A fellow LEO just picked up one of these and loves it.

13 March 2011, 20:25
What M24 said, I use this on a Glock 22 and transition it to an AR rail, no issues at all.