View Full Version : Kramer Handgun Leather Service Gone downhill?

8 April 2011, 10:54
I have been having a horrible time getting my holster from Kramer Leather. I ordered a horsehide #3 IWB horsehide holster in January and received it only to have a snap break off within the first 30 seconds of opening the package (no kidding). I called and sent them a picture of the problem and they said to send it back in. When I called to follow up, I was treated like it was a repair and they said I should not have ordered it with snaps??? He said, snaps are not meant to last very long and might break after several years of use. I reminded them that I literally had it my hands for 30 seconds and undid the first snap and it broke...and that is my fault how???

So fast forward a month or so and I call to follow up for the third time. Again they say well you probably should not have ordered the snaps to which I replied, but you have it advertised on your website and sold it to me without asking. He said he was not sure if it would work after they "fixed my broken holster"...but they would fix it. Now last week, I call again to find out status and they say, I have no idea what is going on with your holster. I said you have one week to finish it or I am done. It is now almost May and I placed my original order in January. I said all I can do is let people know about how I was treated...his reply "well it is a free country". I hung up and thought...wow

I'm not one to normally post anything negative about someone, but has anyone else been having trouble when dealing with them? Let me also say I bought one of the first Kramer holsters and met Greg Kramer himself who was an amazing guy and really was great with his workmanship and quality. It is still the best holster I have. So I am really sad that a great company has turned into this. As soon as I get my horsehide holster or my money back...I will not use them anymore. I can't imagine putting myself through more of this treatment when so many other holster makers are out there.

Greg if you read this...if do something about your company customer service, I would gladly come back to buy more from you.

Wondering Beard
8 April 2011, 12:35
Sadly, about seven years ago, a friend had similar problems with Kramer's (I don't remember the actual details).

It was a great company and I don't know if your and my friend's experiences were isolated problems.

8 April 2011, 13:42
That sounds frustrating. I bought my first Kramer holster over 20 years ago, when they were known as Proline. At that time, they were great to deal with and turned out a great product. I've since moved away from leather/horsehide and have not been in contact with them for a long time.

8 April 2011, 16:14
Yes it was Proline when I bought my first one as well. I didn't mean to cast a bad light on any company that doesn't deserve it, but yes it is frustrating. I am trying to be as objective as I can (god knows I am not perfect), and I would post up just as fast if I was happy with what they sold me. My first holster from Proline was so good, I am still amazed at how well it has held up and the fit is still perfect.

At my service business, I keep telling our guys that we can quote low prices, have a fancy website and get business all day long, but if we don't do a good job for them, we will lose our customers...reputation gets around much faster than people think. Nobody needs a rockstar, just showing up and doing what you said is usually more than enough. I want to just tell them how important excellent phone and customer service skills are but I am pretty sure they don't really value my opinion at this point.

8 April 2011, 16:23
Just to add...back when I bought my first holster...I ordered it over the phone from Proline, but when I received it, the fit was a little too snug. I called and Greg said "you don't live very far away, bring it in to my shop and we can see what I can do" I showed up, we shook hands, I showed him the holster with my gun and he took out a caliper and measured the gun. He said "oh I see, on some of these it is just a tiny bit different in size...give me a week and I will have you a new one that fits better". 6 days later, I received a brand new holster in the mail. It fit so well that I couldn't believe it, I still show it to friends who are amazed. It just slides in perfectly and kind of "clicks" in place.

So a small problem came up, he took care of it and the result was I went back to them for the next one (and told countless people about my experience) ... hmmm