View Full Version : Arc’teryx H-150 Rigger’s Belt

27 June 2011, 15:32
I recently received my Arc’teryx H-150 Rigger’s Belt. There is no question that this is a very comfortable gunbelt, but its expected price tag of around $100 may find it out of the price range of most guys who work to put food on the table, and pull OT for extra money. The belt is wide, and semi rigid in a way that supports both a weapon, and your back for guys who really load gear on a belt. The climbing belt attachment method makes it a little slower to put on, and the belt has a wide folded front end that can be a pain to put on or off some holsters and pouches. Still, its exceedingly comfortable, and a large step up from any other riggers belt I've ever used. Then again, it should be.

More info at the Military Times link below.