View Full Version : which muzzle device would work better for a 10.3

2 July 2011, 19:27
Smith Vortex or BCE 1.0/2.0... can you give reasons why

2 July 2011, 19:46
Depends on what you want. The Smith Vortex is one of the best Flash Hiders in the industry, while the Battle Comp is one of the best combination Muzzle Brakes/Flash Hiders in the industry. Since the 10.5" barrels are very loud and can produce a little more flash than the longer barrels, I'd personally get the Smith Vortex.

2 July 2011, 20:17
Do you think you'll be looking to add a suppressor? I went with the AAC Blackout FH.

4 July 2011, 08:56
Smith Vortex or BCE 1.0/2.0...

Better in what context? I use a BC on my duty 11.5" carbine, but that may or may not be any help to you.

4 July 2011, 09:25
ok .... Stick why do you use it.....

I have sent out a 14.5 to be pinned and it has a BC 1.5 and I haven't had a chance to shoot it.

It has been said that a Noveske PIG helps short barrels run better.... was wondering if the BC does the same thing.....

7 July 2011, 13:02
I use it because it is a reasonably priced item that is highly effective in muzzle control, without the side blast typically associated with Brakes. The flash suppression is reasonable, and it works well when shooting in various positions, next to people, and around objects (lack of side blast).

8 July 2011, 21:28
Ok that's the k ind of info I was looking for

Thanks as always Stickman


3 August 2011, 14:52
You have already gotten some great input from some dialed in shooters but I will add...

I have been very pleased with a simple SF 212A. Seems to do very well reducing flash in low light, allows the use of SF cans and it is also long enough to bring a 14.5 up to non NFA standards if thats needed. For a 5.56 rifle I have never found muzzle rise or recoil to be an issue. YMMV I'll be using them on my 10.5's.

Personally I would shy away from a brake on a 10.5 but thats just me...

7 August 2011, 01:59
A brake, even one as well mannered as the BattleComp, is still going to make a 10.X" barrel pretty concussive to shoot somewhere indoors, and certainly loud at the range. If the added recoil management is worth it, the BC isn't a bad choice, but if you're on the fence, I'd just run a stock flash hider for now. Reasonable flash management, and a bit of compensation, and a great value, then after a few sessions with that consider if you want something different. Odds are you'll replace the A2 hider down the road with a mount for whatever suppressor you want (assuming you live in a permissive state), so that's the only reason my recommendation isn't one of the two options you've put out there.