View Full Version : Armordillo Concealment Kydex Holsters

7 July 2011, 20:23
I've been searching for a good Kydex holster for my Glock 30 with an X300 to use primarily for off-duty carry. I found Armordillo Concealment (http://www.armordilloconcealment.com/) and decided to give them a try. I got my holster and mag pouch today, and on first impression, I'm...well... pretty impressed.

When I think about it, I probably carry my G30 more hours in a week than my regular duty weapon - A Glock 22. Over the next few weeks, I'll keep you posted on how my new off duty set up works out.

A couple quick shots...



9 July 2011, 14:31
Just a quick shot to show how Armordillo Concealment's design includes an extension that extends up basically the entire length of the slide along the body side. It both protects the slide from body sweat and acts as a guide when re-holstering. This feature is not found on all the Kydex holsters out there, and is often an added cost option for those manufacturers that do offer it.


11 July 2011, 13:03
Purchased a holster from them as well a couple months back for my EDC XDm 3.8 compact (along with a mag holder)...have to say I'm pretty impressed with their quality. Tried someone else for my new M&P45 and that one definitely didn't turn out as nice. Plus Armordillo's customer service was better!

I'll definitely be going back to them again.


14 August 2011, 09:09
Very cool gear, keep us posted. They are moderately priced.