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24 July 2011, 02:02
Where did you choose to engrave your lower and why?
I don't mean which company did the engraving, but the physical location of said engraving (front of magwell, etc.).

According to the rules, it must be "clearly visible, " so it can't be under the furniture, but other than that, there are a variety of locations which one could engrave and I am interested in hearing where others chose to put theirs and why.

For example, it would make sense not to put it on the front of the magwell or inside the trigger guard if one intended to put a Boonie-packer on at some future date (since that would cover up the engraving.

24 July 2011, 14:55
I prefer to engrave my SBRs in the trigger well. Very unobtrusive, especially when the lettering is 1/16th of an inch high.


(from Orion Arms website)

23 February 2012, 20:48
Awesome location.


13 April 2012, 21:01
I had mine done inside the trigger guard also. Ident Marking did it for me and did excellent work.