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14 August 2011, 01:00
A couple months ago I was given a Leatherman Military Utility Tool (MUT) as a gift by a long time friend. I've carried it every day since I received it, including for some time while working in firearms retail and as a range safety officer. It's seen some use, so forgive me if it isn't in perfect condition for the photographs.

This is the MUT inside the carry pouch. The tool itself is Made in the USA, but the pouch is imported. Even so, it is of excellent quality. Very thick nylon. I was worried at first that it wouldn't hold up, but after two months it hardly shows any wear. Mostly just grime from being opened and closed with hands drenched in CLP and GSR, as well as some blue staining from my jeans. The closure is Velcro, and lots of it. No risk of losing the tool.

It's ready to go on anything that has MOLLE. Forgive my ignorance on this matter... I don't really know much about MOLLE, having never used it personally.

Fortunately, it fits my belt just fine. The pouch has never detached from my belt. The button has never unsnapped. The velcro has never come undone on the front. Retention is very good.

The tool sans pouch.

Opened up and with all the goodies detached. It has two Phillips bits, two flat head bits, a hex and a Torx, and a punch.

The punch screws on and off, I usually use it when it is off and use the tool as a small hammer to tap on pins. Works great for servicing a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500.

This is the bronze carbon scraper I almost never use. I don't really scrape on my rifle that much so it sees very little use. Works well enough the few times I have used it.

The end of the tool has a hammer. I have actually used it to whack a nail back down on a friend's deck one night. The webbing cutter I imagine works... haven't needed to cut myself or anyone else out of a burning vehicle yet, though, so I can't say for sure. The bottle opener works just fine on Root Beer bottles, not sure if it works for real beer. The seatbelt cutter can be replaced.

One of the bits attached to its designated orifice. The bits come in real handy. I use them all the time. The Torx and hex work for most scopes and such. I never realized how often I could use a screw/hex/Torx driver until I had one all the time.

Combination needle-nose, slip nut, and wire cutters. The wire cutting area can be replaced. During my time as a RSO, I used it to cut zip ties out of firearms. The needle nose are great for opening the trap door of an A2 stock.

A little better view of the replaceable hammer and webbing cutter. The belt clip can be removed, the only reason I haven't is because I don't want to lose it. It's really far too stiff to be useful. Would work great for attaching a lanyard if you needed really, really good retention. This angle also shows the bottle opener/carabiner very well. I've never used the carabiner for anything.

The blade is alright. I carry a small "Old Timer" pocket knife that is more useful as a blade. Gasping the whole tool to use this is just too uncomfortable. It's unwieldy. Seems to be a decent edge on it, I cut some cardboard up once with it... it definitely will cut cardboard.

Let's be realistic... does anyone ever use the saw blade? I certainly never have. If you're in a situation where you're using this little thing to saw something... well, good luck, you're going to need it.

On the plus side, while you're trying to saw or cut something with one of these blades while trying to hold onto the bulky handle you may manage not to amputate your own hand by accident. They are "liner locked" when open.

About half the tools on this come in real handy. The webbing cutter, hammer, pliers, wire cutters, punch, bottle opener, and various driver bits are very useful. The carbon scraper, knife, belt clip, and saw really have never seemed particularly useful or easy to use if I did need them. It came with a little wrench that slips in the back of the pouch which is not depicted because the retention for it is awful and I put it somewhere safe so I wouldn't lose it... and I can't find it.
I really like the fact that many of the tools that could be broken or worn out can be replaced. The carrying pouch is excellent. The tool is a little on the heavy side, but not so much of a burden that I don't carry it. The fact that I can quickly snap it onto my belt ans save my pocket space for other things is a big reason it continues to tag along.
It seems to be very rust resistant. I have never attempted to prevent rust on it and as you an see it isn't rusty. After a lot of time out in the humidity I noticed a little rust beginning to form, but ignored it and it seemed to just get worn away with use.

Would I recommend it? Yes. It's a great tool, especially if you work with firearms a lot. It has come in handy countless times. They seem to sell for around $100, which seems fair considering the craftsmanship this displays. It's a very tight tool with excellent fit and finish. No slop in the pliers and overall just good quality. makes a great addition to EDC.

14 August 2011, 04:36
Nice review! I'm a big fan of the MUT. I took these pictures and wrote this review about 5 months ago and it gets a lot of use on a daily basis. She's showing a little more wear than in these pictures, but still just as solid and sound as tha day I got it. The bronze scraper has seen some pretty good use and is starting to show some wear, but it is a consumable and replaceable part. The saw blade on mine has litteraly been a life saver. During the tornadoes a few months ago I used it manny times to free cables, clear routes and even free myself when I was pinned in my bucket truck (I'm a lineman). That little saw is very aggressive and works very well! The tool has some scratch marks on the pivot bolts now, they are apparently stainless as they won't take blueing at all. The knife blade takes a edge really well, but looses it pretty quick too. I use my Lansky sharpener to put a 20deg edge on it and touch it up in just a few minutes, pretty small price to pay for a good edge and I'm prretty rough on it. Rust hasn't been a problem at all. I sweat on it, rain, and has even bee used in salt water (just rinsed with clean water when I was done). I feel naked when I don't have this thing with me now.

Leatherman MUT...
I have used one daily for the last 3 months. The first one lasted 24hrs untill I managed to break the punch off at the threads. Leatherman replaced it - no questions asked. They only wanted the tool back, let me keep the pouch and bits, and sent me a whole new set with the replacement tool. Nice people to deal with too. So, customer service... two thumbs up. Apparently the threads that broke had a flaw because the new one has held up with no problems.

Review of the tool... Its a big, heavy som'bitch. I carry it by the pocket clip in my front pocket every day and the weight isn't really noticable and its not uncomfortable. I only use the pouch on my molly gear.
The blade is good steel, sharpens really well, but comes with about a 20 degree edge from the factory that dulls pretty easy. I'll probably change it to more of a utility egde next time I mount it up in the sharpener.
The jaws are great, they have a pretty good needle nose tip and a durable and aggressive area past that. The cutting jaws are replaceable, but after cutting plenty of #6 copper ground wire and the occasional drawn steel wire over the last few months, I havn't really noticed much wear.
The side of the jaws are threaded for a cleaning rod and is accessable when the tool is folded as well. I havn't used this feature.
The saw blade is really aggressive and works pretty well for a 3" saw.
The pocket clip is strong and stiff to the point that it's sometimes difficult to clip it on with one hand. The bottle opener works well.
Here's the bit slot. It's spring loaded and holds any of Leatherman's flat bits.
This little push button detent is my only real gripe about the tool. It toggles back and forth to allow you to slide the bits out, and has a center position that secures the bits on both sides of the tool. I occasionally find that it has pushed to one side or the other throughout my day and left the bit open to fall out. So far I havn't lost one yet.
The channel on each side of the tool will hold one long bit or as I have here, 2 of the smaller ones.
There's even a spot on the back for another.
The punch works well for takedown pins, trigger pins, and works on Glocks too. If you un-screw it you can use the tool to tap the pins out. The male threads are on the tool end and will accept cleaning rod attachments.
The bronze scraper is replacable and is shaped for cleaning the BCG of an AR-15. I used the one on the first tool I had and it seemed to work pretty well. I hav't used this one yet.
The end of the tool has a lock that holds the two halves together for pocket carry. I use this all the time and it's easy to open one handed. It's a nice little feature. There's also a strap cutter on there. I use it fairly often at work cutting zip-ties and it does a descent job. Its guarded by the bit if you keep one in there, so if you want to use it alot without having to open the tool you have to remove the bit, but you can keep it in the extra bit slot on the back of the handle. The bottom of the tool serves two purposes. One is as a hammer, and it serves this task really well, although a small hammer. Second is what Leatherman calls the bolt override tool. The Idea is to use this tip as a hook to snag the front of the bolt carrier through the ejection port and jerk it back to dislodge the BCG from the problem inducing brass. I've tested this out while practicing malfunction drills, and it does work. I prefer to use the tip for pulling staples.
The pouch is made in China, but is still pretty good quality.
There's a slot in the back to hold the included wrench.
It holds the tool snug, but it's still easy to remove. It also doubles as a mag pouch.
The wrench works well on scope mounts and fits Larue cam lever adjustment nuts.

24 September 2011, 07:14
Finally got to see one in person, very useful and handy size. Good review.

24 September 2011, 07:38
Tac, I agree. I have a MUT and am planning on ordering another. It's not the one the cool kids are using these days but the MUT rides on my gear, the MT rides in the tool box/bag. I paid out of pocket for the MUT, and will pay for the next one the same way, and the MTs were sent to me for review. I didn't deliberately decide "this one here, that one there", it's just the way it worked out. Personally when I prefer something paid for over something free, that says a lot.

Which is not a slight on the MT. It is a fine tool, and I do have one in my bag every time I am at the range, I just think the MUT is a better multitool while the MT is a better armorer's tool.

24 September 2011, 13:44
I keep a MUT on my warbelt just forward of my holster. Great tool for the AR platform.

6 November 2011, 12:39
Well....I've been wanting to try one, since I'm a diehard Wave carrier. This kicked me over the edge. Gonna have to make some new kydex for this, though.

9 November 2011, 07:37
Well....I've been wanting to try one, since I'm a diehard Wave carrier. This kicked me over the edge. Gonna have to make some new kydex for this, though.

I keep mine in a Taco pistol pouch on my chest rig. Works great but I had to take off the pocket clip because it would hang on the inside of the Taco.

10 December 2011, 13:14
My brother came through with a great early Christmas gift. I've wanted one for a while, and apparently he heard me last time I mentioned it.


23 August 2014, 17:13
How about a long term update?

The Leatherman MUT this thread was originally about has been retired. It traveled across the country with me several times moving for school and work. It's been used for automotive repair in parking lots in New Mexico, beating nails in on dilapidated shooting range benches, fixing rifles on the fly, and tasks as mundane as cutting paracord and opening packages. Since I've started traveling internationally a lot for work, I decided to give this one a special place in my tool box because it was a gift and has sentimental value.

I think one of the greatest complements a product can receive is that the owner would buy it again. The tool I replaced it with... is another Leatherman MUT. They now include a nifty AR15 front sight tool as a separate item that can be kept in the pouch, so in a way it's even better now. I ended up giving that one away in China, and am now on my third. If this one ever leaves me, another MUT will replace it. It is a tool that has earned my respect, and I am confident in it.

30 August 2014, 17:44
I'd like to have one. It's no surprise to me that it's still serviceable after all that use. I've been carrying the same Leatherman Wave (black phosphorous version) for quite a while now, and could write a page on some of it's "saved the day" achievements. It's still like new, with the exception of the scratches and battle scars, and somewhat abused life.[:)]

30 August 2014, 19:04
Good review.

I am a fan of it, having a good multitool is important.

3 October 2014, 17:30
I have carried the MUT with me at work every day for the past 2 or 3 years now and it has seen alot of use. The thing is an absolute tank. I also have the MT and htey are both great in their own right. But if my MUT ever does STB then I will buy another one the same day. They hit a home run with this product IMHO

4 October 2014, 06:15
Great review and awesome detail with the pics!!!!