View Full Version : Noveske N4 lgiht 12.5 upper

iron x
29 August 2011, 05:17
Would like to know if this baby has its KX3 Firepig pinned (welded) to its 12.5 barrel?



If not pinned, what flash hider is good to replace it with? Thinking of spikes mini comp or the battlecomp to bring the length shorter.

I am planning to have one.

29 August 2011, 05:47
It is not pinned. I'd get the BattleComp. I'd contact Rainier Arms and just exchange it.

29 August 2011, 06:11
The only length it makes sense to pin a KX3 is on a 13.7", and even then 'sense' is relative. Battlecomp is indeed a good replacement item for it.

iron x
29 August 2011, 15:19
just called rainier arms, they dont want to exchange it with the battlecomp.
Oh well.
On separate billing, the battlecomp is expensive?!
Will an AAC blackout a good replacement? Thinking also of the rainierarms' xtc.


30 August 2011, 18:40
Well you're going to have to decide what you want. A comp or a flash hider, or a combination of both. Short barrel Noveske uppers work fine without the KX3 and to me add unnecessary length to a short barrel.

iron x
1 September 2011, 21:04
I will just go with this... lot cheaper


iron x
12 September 2011, 06:28
What is the best (other term perhaps) zero for this length of barrel?
Will be using T1 on a DD mount.