View Full Version : Michigan is going quiet..

6 September 2011, 07:38
As of Friday 02 September 2011 the attorney general has ruled that suppressors are now legal in the state. This has been a long time coming and has taken a lot of work by people putting in time and effort. Comgratulations!

6 September 2011, 10:48
Awesome. Wish NJ would follow, but it is going to happen.

6 September 2011, 13:57
Minnesota likely won't have suppressors anytime soon either. Statutes actually prohibit their possession. The DNR here is certain that the only thing people would use suppressors for is poaching deer. Legalizing them would require new legislation rather than just an AG opinion.

Apparently Michigan never has statutorily prohibited suppressors. That came from a previous ruling by the state Attorney General that NFA approval was simply an approval of a tax stamp, not a license to possess such a device. The current ruling simply reverses the previous opinion and Michigan now reverts back to statute as written.

6 October 2011, 19:29
Hmac, we meet again. Didn't know you were in MN. I agree, MN isn't going quiet anytime soon unfortunately. Now that WI has (or is) passing their CCW laws it may be time to move across the river. Especially since the land I hunt is over there any way.