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6 October 2011, 15:48
Generally I wouldn't cross post from ARFCOM, but this petition actually seems to be fairly well thought out and of interest to the NFA community. The below quote is from here:



These two links are to petitions designed to do just that.

Apparently there is an unprecidented volume of transactions at the NFA branch and they are operating with decade old personnel strength over there despite ten million in revenue last year.

The government wants to hear from 1000 people for one petition to mean something and 5000 for the other. So we need all the help we can get.


*Edited to add original ARFCOM link.

There has been some debate on ARFCOM about the results of hiring more examiners and "bigger government". In my eyes, an easier NFA process will generate more public awareness, should help to expand NFA item ownership, and ultimately, lead to changes in the law itself. If you agree, please sign, and spread the word to fellow NFA enthusiasts.

Nathan Engel

8 October 2011, 07:30
keeping NFA off the radar screen is more important to me than a shorter wait time for stamps. I think this is a colossally bad idea.


21 October 2011, 16:10
I'm with CCK. The tax has never been raised. Calling more attention to it may make it harder to obtain these items. If inflation was factored into the tax that we pay, it'd cost about $2500 for the tax stamp.

22 October 2011, 05:06
Agreed. Especially in the Obama administration, and probably even more so if Romney wins the presidency, meaningful firearms reform isn't going to happen. It's clear to me that that petition doesn't have legs and is potentially harmful. Furthermore, I have to agree with the ArfCom posters that suggest that expansion of government regulatory agencies is not the best use of dwindling government financial resources, especially in such a tiny niche as the NFA branch.